Original Year, Make & Model: 2003 Kawasaki Mean Strealasoo


2003Kawasaki Meanstreakisoo,modified Highway Hawk air-filters, V'ance& Hines Longshots exhausts. Cobra FI2000 fuel control unit

2003 Kawasaki Mean Streak 1500, Highway Hawk forwards

Sharp End:

2003 Kawasaki Mean Streak 1500, Suzuki VZR1800 risers, i.25"Harley Davidson 'bars

Blunt End:

2003 Kawasaki Mear, Streak 1500


2003 Kawasaki Mean Streak 1500front mudguard, tank 8irear mudguard,'Comfort' seat, aftermarket back rest,aftermarket chrome side panels, custom belly pan from Germany Electrics:

2003 Kawasaki Mean Streak 1500 loom, rear light& indicators,Honda VTX headlight

Custom cracked granite with 3D carved paw prints by owner at Wolfie's Workshop (07799 573381 or www.wolliesworkshop. co.uk)

Thanks To:

'My wife Debbie;my kids Nia& Harri;Hank at Trike Design; Sean at South Wales Customs; Dave at Gam Motorcycles; & Foxy at ThunderRoad to name afew...'

of'be careful what you wish for' as this has pretty much become the way of things. My workshop in Bwich, near Brecon, now specialises in bikes, vans and hot rods - have a look at my website at www.wolfiesworkshop.co.uk to see examples of what I mean. I have to say that I have been helped massively by the support of other bike businesses in my area having the faith to initially send me work and further recommend me to others - Hank at Trike Design, Sean at South Wales Customs, Dave at Garn Motorcycles, and Foxy at Thunder Road to name a few.

Other subtle mods to the bike took place such as the VZR1800 risers and Harley 'bars, the VTX headlight and a few bits of additional chromework from Highway Hawk, but I didn't want it to be too 'custom' - just nicely tweaked.

My future plans for the bike? Well, they're as simple as just enjoying riding it (maybe taking it on a trip through Europe at some point), and continuing to improve it and challenge myself artistically. What more can anyone ask? 0

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