Superskin Helmets

The Lazer Superskin is an innovative new motorcycle helmet range that protects your head from devastating and inoperable damage that can occur deep inside the brain duringa motorcycle accident when the head rotates after hittingasolidsurfacesuchasthe road oranothervehicle, using the Phillips Head Protection System, a flexible membrane system that moves reducing rotational impact to the brain.

The Lazer Superskin is available in three designs - the Superskin Solano (from £224.95) full-face,available in matt black and hyper-reflective satin silver; and the Superskin Rider (from £179.95) open-face, available too in matt black and hyper-reflective satin silver.

Further information about the Lazer Superskin can be found at - click on the 'stockists' link and type in your postcode to find yourlocal retailer.

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