After a few lovely rides to bike shows last year, I knew my luck had to end

The ride to Bristol was the worst ride ever - mid Ping winter (the Ting' means 'freezing', honest) and serious risk of losing my fingers to frostbite. About half way there I admitted defeat and pulled into a side road just to put my hands on my engine and warm them up.

The show is held at Shepton Mallet Showground and while tickets are £9-50, parking is free so you can take your van/car and load up at the autojumble. Classic bikes are coming back in the popularity stakes ('hurray' I say) and this show is well worth a look if classics are your thing. The people are friendly and the atmosphere is good what with everyone having the same interests. Mind you, it has to said, though, they do tend to think that motorcycles should be kept in factory state and not customised... they wouldn't like our favourite mag then, would they? Actually it's amazing how some of the older generation detest custom bikes. Surely it was them rebelling in the '50s and '60s? I suppose these days they're set in their ways and remember bikes that were all factory with maybe some elip-ons... thank goodness, they're just a minority of the older bikers.

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