Wildcat Rally

So, as detailed in the last two issues, me and the Future Bike'd made it to John O' Groats and The End And More MCC's Wildcat Rally.

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TEAM MCC would like to send their condolences to Allan and his family for the tragic loss of Michelle who died in an accident on the way to the rally. A collection made at the rally raised £450 and has been passed to Allan and has been donated to his local branch of The Heart Foundation. RIP Michelle.

about it, you'll just have to go and see for yourself! The bungee pulling was very close fought and the two main competitors went across the arena, through the beer tent and out the other side and were heading for Thurso I'm sure ...

While all this silliness went on Diesel N' Dust played and folk went off to have a beer at John O' Groats or go for boat trips to the nearby Orkneys. Saxifier kicked off the evening and were followed by the most excellent Joe's Band all the way up from Fife. Best Original Bike went to Minty's GSX-R 750, Best Bike to Kenny's hardtail S&S, Best Rat to some bloke called Nik and his Gixer-engined thing, and Best Trike to Willy's Austin trike. Furthest Travelled Male was Flash from the Republic of Ireland (890 miles), Furthest Travelled Female was Loma Fowler from Sussex (750 miles) and Furthest Travelled International was Michael Baumann from Germany (2000 plus miles each way). Club Turnout was won by the Quay Vipers MCC from Northern Ireland - there were 28 of them. That Nik bloke also won the cash raffle and was absolutely gobsmacked as he's never won anything in a raffle before ever!

So, that was it - that was what I came all the way up for. Was it worth it? Bloody right it was! But don't take my word for it - gel yourself up there on the first weekend of July and see for yourself!

Next issue - the journey back down! »5


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