Sometimes leaving everything until the last minute means that you work that bit harder to get your bike just right...

ell, it does as far as I'm concerned - this is becoming somewhat of a recurring theme with me. You know how it is, there's loads to do but you keep telling yourself, 'there's ages yet, I'll do that next week'. Then wallop! Before you know it, your deadline's suddenly less than a month away and you've still got loads to do... arrgh!

My deadlines always seem to be centred around our local bike fest

- the famous Barton Bike Night

- and the Faro Rally in Portugal. This was definitely the case in 2008 when my trike

underwent a heart transplant six hours before departing for Plymouth on a 2500 mile journey to Faro. On returning from it, which was trouble-free I hasten to add, I'd made my mind up - time to ditch the stabilisers and get a proper big boy's bike.

A plan was hatched with our fearless leader 'Buzz the Lightyear Barley' (aka Shaun) of Barley Custom Cycles, and a donor bike was soon purchased - a surprisingly nice 2000 Dyna 1450 for just £3000. Within hours of getting home we decided to try the motor (the only bit we actually used in the end) - the damn thing wouldn't start or even try to. Two hours later we discovered some thieving git had robbed the timing chain! Ahhh, that'll be the problem then, eh? New chain on and pop, bang, fart and away she went - it lives! Shaun's next comment was 'right, rip it to bits'.

Elliot (Shaun's son and general pain in the arse) was put to the task and a 'phone call soon followed, 'come and collect this heap of scrap'. So, armed with my camera,


an eBay frenzy soon followed and the grand sum of £2795.63 clawed back. Woohoo, we do love our on-line auction site - a 2000 Twin Cam A engine that cost £204.37. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? ^^^

The build began December '08. The front hoop was fabricated in a matter of hours and the engine mounts completed, then other projects and real paying customers started requesting Shaun's specialist services. That was okay, there was no rush -my chop didn't need to be done 'til July, that's seven months away, loads of time yet! Still, I was purchasing parts from our friends in the States and soon had all the bits we required including a 17x12" 80 spoke rear wheel and an 18x4" front to match. Then a call to Demons Cycle (ww w .demonscycle. com) secured most of the other parts - sprocket o

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