Deep Copper base, flake and orange kandy PAINTER Kevin Martin

prep and final wet sanding, I laid down the copper base with some added chrome flakes. Then I added a few more flakes with some layers of tangerine kandy. Just because you don't paint for over a decade doesn't mean you take the easy way out, right?

When it came time to put the bike together, we got some help from our good friend, "Whitey." Whitey was that extra man turning the wrenches that really made it all possible. After getting bumped up to 103ci by Eastside H-D, the motor fired on first push of the button and it was off to another rally.

So do you think we got a break after that? Nope, that wouldn't be for an other two weeks. After putting in a 30hour push to get the bike completed, we took a four-hour nap and then went back to the shop to service the bikes we were going to ride to Sturgis for our first real father and son road trip. After 10 days of vending we spent another few days riding to California for the wedding reception Sandra and I had no time to have before Sturgis. I guess it pays to have a wife who is as dedicated and passionate about the motorcycle industry and business as I am.

So, you want to own your own business now? Nine to five is only the amount of hours of sleep you can expect to lose in that scenario! HB

ujheels, unes, and brakes


Paul Yaffe/Legacy SIZE-HEIGHT/WIDTH 21x3.25

TIRE/SIZE Metzeler/21x120




Paul Yaffe/Legacy SIZE-HEIGHT/WIDTH 18x5.5

TIRE/SIZE Metzeler/18x200



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