Noelski hand carved the shift and brake levers by hand in his lap.

You can see the pound marks where Noelski spent hours shaping the oil tank.

mnm mnm example, when me and the boys are out riding on our hardtails and we come up to a set of railroad tracks I accelerate, lift my feet up even with the tank, and look back as I fly over the tracks with a big smile on my face as everybody else slows down to three miles an hour and is standing up. They all have given me the finger because my steel seat on a mountain bike shock has 6 inches of travel and I don't even feel a bump," Noel lamented.

The bars are positioned to give the perfect ergonomics between the riders' seat to their hands. There's nothing like trying to ride an uncomfortable bike, Noelski ensured this bike was built to ride. With every design component, he designed the look to compliment the ride. In other words, he built this bike with the rider in mind, the way a builder should. "I have a crossover on the lower frame rail with a chain over it and an X welded underneath the tranny as well as a brace on the down tubes under the neck-it all really helps eliminate the

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