Rake Stretch


42 degrees 12 inches out

While it might perfectly match the lines of the bike, the full coverage Russ Wernimont rear fender will make tire changes a pain.

the rear fender that makes onlookers stand up and take notice. Not only is it all-encompassing, not only does it have a frenched-in license plate frame, it also covers the mammoth 300mm back tire. According to Barry, "The biggest hurdle on this bike was the rear fender. It's a real piece of work. I told Harlan off the get-go, if you ever get a flat tire, God help you. Stick a for sale sign on it. It's hard to get that wheel off with that fender."

When it was done, the Hamsters were on their annual ride to Sturgis, only this time Harlan was breaking in his own new custom baby. Even with its long and low stance Harlan was able to dip into the curves and whack the throttle on the straights to help lead the way to the motorcycle Mecca. HB

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