BARS: Nash

RISERS: Don't Remember

HAND CONTROLS: Pan Take-offs

GAS TAMK(S): Bare Knuckle


REAR FENDER: Led Sled/ Bare Knuckle

SEW: Duane Ballard


OIL TANK: Bare Knuckle


IAILLIGHT: Bare Knuckle


40 February '11 CYCLE SOURCE

worldmags iWk kal, so I get about a i i j/ndred-fifty e-mails a day that tell me I have to see this or that but j every once in a while I | ^ ta'<es

L^Jmelftecently, I got one telling me about a video that I suspect many of you have seen by now but if not, let me recommend two things. First, take a piss before watching this, and second, fTfiake sure you save it as a favorite afterward.

After I saw this and dealt with the embarrassment that parts of it fit me and my friends too, I sent an e-mail to its author, Hunter Johnson, and asked for an interview. Hunter is 27 and owns a shop in Phoenix, AZ called Groovie's Cycle Shop and his answers made the video that much more perfect.

OS: So how did you come up? Was it around motorcycles?

GRGGVIE: I raced motorcycles as a kid; been around them my whole life. My dad is like a Harley genius so I kinda just followed his lead and got into them as well. I like to make cool motorcycle stuff. I have an appreciation for all bikes, I don't really care what kind, and I love them all. I'm partial to Harleys and the culture of my old man's era and tend to gravitate towards that.

k G3; What got you into the biz?

1 GROG VIE: I've been

I tinkering on bikes on and off for about 8 years. In the last few years I've gotten pretty serious

Interview By: Chris Callen about it and now I go to school in the mornings and work on bikes in the afternoon and evenings. My dad had a shop for a long time up in South Dakota, where I'm from, doing HD repair and

OS: How did you come up with the idea for this video?

GRGOViE; I like funny stuff and cracking jokes at and about things, including myself, so it was just kind of natural. I could have made a video about a million different things but I dig old bikes and the culture; the good and the bad.

GS: Was this done with any one person or group in mind?

GRGGV1E: I'm not passing judgment; it's more like pointing out humor. I try not to take things too seriously and think that life is a lot easier to live that way. There just seems to be this vibe going on right now that unless you and everything you do is vintage, it isn't cool. This isn't the case. It's about doing what you want to do and creating your own originality. I guess the video is kind of pointing towards "that guy;" the dude that does what everyone else does because it's cool. I'm not passing judgment; its just humor. If I ran around with a pink thong on and a pair of Guess by Marciano high heels, I'd expect to be made fun of. The funny thing about the motorcycle scene is all these "scenester" dudes run around in the same "in" garb and think they are all original when

40 February '11 CYCLE SOURCE


they're all the same Indie biker clones. It's easy to see and it's easy to crack jokes about. When I see a dude wearing a flannel, Vans and tight jeans riding an Evo Sporty, dogging on a dude riding a CB or whatever cuz it's not a Harley and claiming to be Mr. Biker, I find it humorous. The same goes for dudes that don't dig anything that's not pre 1969, it's so ridiculous. I realize not everyone does this but you can see it all day long on almost any message board. A dude builds a cool Evo chop and gets people giving him shit because it wasn't a Shovel or a Pan. Really! WTF! Get over yourself! I didn't know that Krishna made a rule that anything newer than 1984 couldn't go in a rigid! It's like every dude with a computer thinks they are Chairman Mao of the motorcycle world and can judge every bike that's not old because it's not old! I don't give a f**k what people wear or ride. I'll wear flannels all day long

15 minutes to do. The video was made on the Xtranormal. com Web site. I saw a couple different videos and thought they were funny so I decided to make one. This was just one of the many topics I could have done.

I originally posted it on a small message board and from there it just went everywhere. I was thinking it would get 100 hits or so. It's been a couple weeks since I posted it and now it's at like 15,000.

There have been some critics, but for the most part people have just laughed at it; that's what it's for. If it pisses you off then maybe you're taking yourself and your Indie vintage, period correct lifestyle a little too seriously and need to lighten up; that's the way I look at it. I guess it's a lot more relevant then I thought.

uxmam especially during winter, and on certain days I could be the guy in the video. Except for the Diesel jeans; I go with Levis or Old Navy.

Loving bikes and the culture and professionally. It's not something you turn off and turn on or dress up in. If you get bit by this bug you're in it for the long haul. That's what it is or at least that's what it should be.

isn't about the clothes you wear or what bike you ride, it's about an attitude that resonates in everything you do: work, school, love, death, family, all of it. Dudes that really are addicted to motorcycles get it and love the culture for all the good and bad that it brings personally cry What has the reaction been so far?

SRGOViE: As far as comments on the video, most people have taken it for what it is and just laughed at it. I never thought it would blow up like it did. It seriously took about

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