Bkc Buell Frames

Our Buell Frames give you the chance to build a bad-ass chop at a lower price. The -2* downtube stretch, 3" backbone stretch version features a 40 degree rake and dropped seat height, putting your ass 20 inches from the ground. With this configuration you can use your stock frontend, wheels & tires as well as final drive belt. Included w/ the frame: rear motor mount, real axle, and adjustment hardware. Starting at $1495. 'Conversion stem required if using stock Buell frontend. www.bareknucklechoppers.com for more details.


A contrast of curved legs and straight line from the neck to axle plates makes the Red Hook frame unique but, still simple base frame for those people who want to add personal twist. The Red Hook frame features polished stainless axle plates to avoid messy paint scrape by axle shaft and spacer. Dual axle adjuster ensures axle shaft is rigid. Standard frame comes 30 degree, 2 inches up stretch, 4speed style transmission mount. www.keinocydes.com


2010 Flyrite Choppers Outlaws Ruin rigid frame -33° rake, 2" stretch in down tubes -180 mm rear - (includes MSO) Frames are set up to accept Big Twin motors, Panhead, Shovel head, Evo. This is the same frame used in our Outlaws Ruin production models, www.flyritechoppers.com

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