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Win a 1936 Harley-Davidson Knucklehcad or $25,000III

**Drawing November, 2010**

Top quality, one- off pieces, made in America are what you can expect when you order leather products from Duane Ballard Custom I eather Duane can create solo seats, side bags, tool bags, grips, floorboards, belts and wallets with your design in mind Every leather piece is created out of natural U.S. sourced leathers Everything is hand tooled, dyed, hand stitched and lacod by

Tickets Specials:

1 ticket for $10 3 Tickets for S20 7 tickets for $50 w/free T-shirt & DID

Please include Hume, address, phone number, and entail address, and number of tickets. If ordering $50 Ticket package, also include shirt size.

Send Check. Money Order, or Credit Card information to: Wheels Through Time Raffle P.O. Boi 790 Maesie Valley, NC 28751

Order Online at www.WheelsThroughTime.com

Or call the Museum at (828) 926-6266!

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