Jones to complete all of the modifications.

Scott began by creating the one-off handlebars and the mounting plate for the Wipac headlight. From there, he modified and mounted the Wassel tank and placed the original '57 engine back in its spot on the freshly painted frame. Dean is a huge fan of Primo Rivera parts and has their new carb, air cleaner and belt drive on board. Scott is considered a true master fabricator and his one-off exhaust pipes help bring attention to the motorcycle. He also created the foot pegs, sissy bar, chain guard and the license plate / taillight section. I almost left out modifying the rear fender; is there anything this guy can't do?

Like I stated before, friends made this motorcycle turn out amazing. The stellar paint job was not done by one but three key players: Scott Craig, Sonny Boy and Keith Weesner. Scott also gave Dean the solo seat, which was the item on the bike that caught my attention. Dean said, "The seat was a gift from Scott. It is a vintage Tony Nancy solo seat, which he created right before he passed. I was amazed when Scott handed it to me for the build.

I would like to give BIG THANKS to: Mum, Dad, Maroz, my old lady, Matt Davis, Scott "T-Bone" Jones of NOISE, Scott Craig, Sonny Boy, Keith Weesner, Caleb, Kiyo, Koski, Ben Kudon at Primo Rivera and all my friends that I love so dearly."

In closing, I would have to

Cycle Re-sources: Dice Magazine Dean Micetich www.dicemagazine.com

OWNER: Dean Micetich CITY: Carshalton. Surrey England FABRICATION BY: T-Bone Jones /Noise YEAR:1957 MODEL: HD

TIME: Longer Than Expected VALUE: $400?

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