one of the local Canadians where to get something to eat since it seems everything shuts down early in Canada. I told him I was headed to Alaska and he said he would be traveling the Alaska Highway (also known as the ALCAN) tomorrow. He ended up giving me directions to a Denny's. After a cold night's sleep in a community college parking lot, I saddled up and took on the Alaska Highway. WffilflT

in Montana, I think, that I pulled into a gas station. I told the clerk I was tired and needed to crash for awhile and that if it was cool, I'd be on my bike out back. An hour later, her shift came to an end and she didn't tell the new girl that I was there. Surprised when she went to take the garbage out, and when I didn't respond to her, she called, yep, you guessed it, the police. Fire sirens woke me up as the medics rushed towards me. You gotta be kidding me! After some explanation, they agreed that I could go back to sleep if I wanted. Yeah right; I got some coffee and split.

I spent the rest of that day making it to Missoula where I would find that the dealership hadn't stayed opened one minute late. Some riders actually got stuck waiting for tires; how cool of them, huh? I checked in, grabbed a burger and headed out again. I was only a short distance from the Canadian border or so I thought. Man was I outta of it! I would soon start to realize how long the Hoka Hey was in reality and that I was only a little over half way there. Little difference it made to me. I was all about this ride now and had a focus like never before. I was so excited to see if I could actually get into Canada that I rode until late that night to give my passport a shot. I'll be damned; it worked! I had bought a Canadian flag to put on the opposite side of my bike that I usually run the stars and bars on. Once I made it across, I displayed it properly and thought to myself, pretty cool, I was now an international motorcyclist. Yeah, it sounds silly now I guess, but I was all hopped up on survival at the time.

The next part of the trip is the best part and my favorite. You're really gonna like... Oh man, Morrison must have rode the Hoka Hey route!


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