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Not for sale on pollution controlled vehicles. ThunderMax 50 is available for emission-compliant applications. See website for details.

ThunderMax is now available for electronic fuel injected H-D® models through 2011. ThunderMax represents the future in smart aftermarket products for EFI Harleys®. Enjoy the most sophisticated EFI system on the market, such as...

• Tunes Any Exhaust

• Easy to Install and Use

• Lowers Engine Temps

• Adjustable Idle/Rev Limit

• Running Stats and Logs

• Free Online Updates

This is the brake caliper we will be using. It is made by Wilwood and will work with our % motorcycle master cylinder. When using a car type caliper, one needs to make sure your master cylinder will pump (I call it stroke) enough fluid to expand your brake pads so your trike will stop correctly.

You can see here how nice our calipers will mount up to our new trike rear end. In these last three "how to" sections on the trike, I tried to cover in detail not to show you so much as how to build a rear end but to show you how important it is to get everything lined up as close as one can. A trike rear end can be your best friend or your worst enemy. This will allow your trike to track straight and to stop correctly.

If you have any questions about our trike so far, feel free to e-mail me at wayne or drop me a line at 828-303-0422.


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