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best interests. I think that showed in the elections in November. I don't know how long it takes for that to trickle down to where I buy my motorcycle parts, but it's a start. You gotta start somewhere.

GS: y°u have any final opinions about outsourcing, and give us your honest opinion of the vendors that are nothing more than a middleman between Asia and the unaware American consumer.

RN- I think it's bullshit. And they are taking jobs away from us. They are taking work away from me. And they are making it impossible for us to run a business and make jobs and make money. And I hate it. It sucks. We have to compete with it every day. It gets harder and harder and harder. And I wish people would realize what they are doing. When people go and buy a motorcycle part that is made in China, you gotta think about the repercussions of what you're doing. People are affecting their own lifestyle and they don't know it.

GS: There is something to be said about having nice stuff, though. I'll skimp on buying clothes and furniture so I can buy high quality tools and high quality motorcycle parts, instead of having shitty tools and shitty parts. I think Americans fail to prioritize.

RN" We are inundated with now, now, now; borrow money to get whatever you want. It's this mindset that you have to have everything. Our government is the worst offender. It's in the most debt it's ever been.

GS: How does your grandpa feel about jobs and work going overseas?

RN; He's driven a Ford his whole life. He saw his friends' shops disappear when the airplane industry migrated from Long Beach. Long Beach used to be a major, major manufacturing city, and they don't manufacture shit anymore. All they do is unload boats from overseas now. How ironic is that? My grandfather is a stubborn old man; he'd rather lose money on a job than send it overseas. He'd do it out of his own pocket rather than have someone else do it, especially someone overseas.

OS; That's how it should be. I think it's no joke what Asia is trying to do to us.

RN: Absolutely. Gramps was of the mindset that he'd figure out how to do anything, and he'd make a buck at it. He'll be damned if he'll give it to someone else.

GS: Well that's a great story. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

RN: Yeah, hurry up and get my bike done.


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