Its Always Been Spectra

T/^l J frUV The Official Oil of the Limpnickie Lot


Brian & Myia Elliott

As Brian helps his daughter Myia strap on her helmet to ride her 1972 Yamaha 80 trails bike, he thinks about his first one. It was a 1974 Yamaha 175 DT he got when he was six. and just like Myia. he knew it was the best bike in the world


Heavy Duty Platinum Full Synthetic

Heavy Duty Platinum ful Synthetic is engineered specifically It» Barley® high-performance engines and other higlwulput V-Twin motors. Spectra Heavy Duty Platinum Ft! Synthetic provides smooihef shifting, reduces Mai, offers tremendous lubrication and provides superior protection in exlreme heat auditions.

Designed by Spedro in response to complaints from Hartey owners about the great but nosy new 5-speed transmission. this fun synMc provides ultimate lubrication protection. Formulated to Significantly reduce gear noise and provide easier, smoother shifting, this SAE 75w140 formulation eases shilling even «hen cold High loads and ex-Ireme heat do not aflect the oil. so if performs we« when pushed haid and long.

Platinum Full Synthetic

Platinum Fut Synthetic is It» uiimate synthetic engine lubncam Exceeds all known motorcyde manufacturer's warranty requirements, plus A.P.I. SG/SH'JASO MA, Smoother shifting, reduced friction, increased horsepower, Invest shear stabiy For street or track.

Platinum SX4

Platinum SX4 is the ultimate lull synthetic motor lubricant lor all four-stroke motocross and off road machines SX 4 is extremely shear-stable and designed speoficaty for use in high RPM raong condi-lions. Cams. rods, cylinders and pistons benefit tremendously from our increased ZDOP anti-wear additive treatments

Platinum SX 32:1

Platinum SX 32:1 100% Raang Synthefc is the ultimate Iwocyde pre-mut engine lubricant, formulated specifically for use m modern tw<K»de motocross racing motorcycles equipped with exfaust power valves requnng a 32:1 pre-mixed luet-lool mature

Brian & Mary On "Goldy Locs"

Goldy Locs is a killer hand crafted custom from Brian's company. Black Sunshine. It's been featured in Lifestyles out of Spain, Cycle Source, on Full Throttle's cover, was also "Bike of the Year" in Cycle Source, and won "Best of Show" at BMR1. While Brian's idea of the best bike in the world has changed slightly, the fact that the oil he uses to keep it on the road has not. so he chooses Spectro.

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