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first, a '29 JD with big cylinders found way up in North Dakota, and the second, a '29 hot-rod JDH twin cam that came out of 1930s HD race guru, George Skeets' garage, which until a few days ago, hadn't arrived in the mail.

As soon as that motor came in, I knew the answer (or so I thought). This motor was all tricked out; one of 2000 "hot set-up" twin cams built in 1928-

29. Modified by George Skeets himself, the motor looks like new, and features a few of his trademark mods, including a special oil line and pinion shaft which shoots extra oil to the rod bearings. Harley factory racing rods were also installed, shaved down and grooved for more oil. This was big. To my knowledge, there aren't but a few dozen or so people still alive that have had the chance to peek inside one of these motors. And to find one modified by a true race guru is something I'll remember forever. Hell, Skeets is one of the guys who taught John "JD" Cameron (one of the original Boozefighters) how to make 'em go! And now, here I was with one of those exact motors in my very own hands.

After looking everything over, I got right to work. I must have spent two days cleaning it up, removing every bit of dirt and grime, but trying to leave the original "as raced" patina on as many parts as I could. I polished up the cams, rebuilt the tappets, and assembled and trued the crankshaft. Everything was going along so nicely; it felt like we'd have this motor together in just a few days.

Then came the bump in the road and a lesson in boardtrack racers. Each of the chassis that HD used for racing was specially built, as were each of the motors. In the early days, theses motors, although highly hopped up, were the same dimensions as stock motors. Somewhere along the line (maybe '23 or '24) they changed it all up, and wouldn't you know that my engine cases, being 1928-29, wouldn't fit if you had a 10 foot shoehorn.

So here we are, at the birth of a new project, and we're already encountering problems. Go forward, back up, go forward again, then back up. I guess that's how it works sometimes.

My eyes have been crossed for two days now as I write this, trying to figure out how to make my July 16th deadline. I keep telling myself that things will come together, but so far, all I've figured out is how to make one project into two!



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