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James L. Paz Attorney at Law - Tarentum. PA - 724-226-9PAZ For Any Subscription Questions Call 724-226-2867 The Cycle Source Magazines (ISSN 1I3&0287) is putrtshed 12 tunes a year by The Cyde Source Magazfie with Offices at 118 Omenta ugh Roed Tarentt/n PA 15084. 724-22&-2S67, www.cyclesource.cotn. U.S. Subscnpdon rate s $20.00 lor 12 issues. Caradan Subsection rale is $30 CO for 12 issues Back Issues, t^ien aralaMe are S5.CO each, payable In advance. Periodicals postage pad al Tarantun, PA and actional mailing offices The Cyde Source Magaznew reserves fie right to reject any advertising a ccntrbutans that it deems unsalable. Opriions expressed are those of the aulhor and not of The Cyde Source Magazine® Nothing pnnted in The Cycle Sou ids Magazine&i may be re-pnnled n »tioJe or part wilhcut the express written consent ot the publishers Copyright® 2010 The Cycle Source Magazine®, A Grass Roots Motorcycle PifalicaOonSM, Wld Man"* Low Down & Dirty Rotten'" are registered trade marts

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