While the national helmet law recommended by the NTSB has deep ramifications for riders in all states, including those like Massachusetts that already have state mandated helmet laws, riders passing through the city of Boston have still more to be concerned about. Recently, Boston passed an ordinance that calls for a fine of S300 to motorcyclists parked within the city limits whose motorcycles fail to bare an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stamp that is readily visible on the vehicle's exhaust system.

Although eighteen months have passed without a citation being issued toanyoneforfailing tocomply with the ordinance, motorcycle activists in the area, calling themselves the "Justice Riders," have filed suit against the city's ordinance. Their position, simply stated, is that the Boston City ordinance is in direct conflict with existing Massachusetts State laws and regulation governing motorcycle exhaust systems. A spokesperson for the Justice Riders conveyed that, once a State Inspection sticker is placed on a rider's motorcycle, it's clear that the bike complies with all of the state's statutes and regulations governing said motorcycle, regardless of what part of the state that bike may be in.

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