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overseas was shit.

We did a huge project for a medical device company. It was a big medical cart. It took us four months to make six prototypes. They were exactly what they wanted. The samples were approved. They boxed the samples up and shipped them to India and used our samples for the Indians to make the parts. They never called us to tell us; I found out through a friend that works there. We even ordered a custom powdercoat for the project. I threw out 475 of the 500 pounds I bought because we would never use it on anything else. I thought about throwing it on their door step, but I thought they would use it, so I just pitched it.

GS; Where do you think the US is heading with respect to outsourcing of manufacturing jobs?

RN" To think that overseas manufacturing is not a threat is a mistake; it is. It's a force to be reckoned with. At this point, the lead times are very lengthy, the minimum quantities are high, and right now, the material cost is almost identical to ours. But overseas material specs are shit. When you order 303 stainless, you don't get 303. The mil specs are not what they are here. People are starting to realize that. But something we cannot control is labor. If you pay your employees in bowls of rice, and you have no workers' comp, and no social security, we are unable to compete. If people are willing to accept parts for their bike that are made by twelve-year-old girls, then so be it. But to think that manufacturing is never going to be ruled overseas or that we are going to become an industrial nation again is way off. We are not. I recently read an article that said if we had a war on our soil, we would be in trouble because we cannot produce the brass for shell casings quick enough to keep up with demand.

c$l And now our government is destroying spent shell casings instead of allowing the aftermarket to reload the casings.

RN; We all shoot and I am a hunter. We've been reloading for years. We reload our own stuff. It's sad that our nation has become an intellectual nation instead of a working nation.

GS: I think that's why your story is great though. You guys are the thinkers and the doers. You can take a part from a vague idea to a completed, packaged product. When a company asks you to compete with the overseas' price, can the overseas' part compete with your quality? Or lead time?

RJSfc At the end of the day, the average person doesn't look at the quality or the package to see where it was made. They only look at the price tag.

GS; That's the problem! People only want more for less!

RN; I think people are coming around. I think they are realizing our government is not looking out for our

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