Spectro Delivers Superior Performances

From our roots on trai b*es anc iwis. to the !a' out customs we buiW today eve-yone on the bmpmcsue Lot Tows fe DCormance Pa; Spectro CMs delrvers. No matter how much thngs cnar^e from ore gereratwi to anotte' one trigs stays ie same, none of us go out until Spectro iS m!


XL-1 Premium Motorcycle Wash

You won't believe how wen this works. II is me best performing cleaning soMon available The toughest dirt, grease, grime, bug splatter, brake dust and product, leaving a sparkling, streak-tree clean surface thai keeps bikes looking Hce new

Spray 1 Polish

This product makes polishing a lot less panful, II sprays on and polishes up faster than other brands, and leaves chrome and painted surfaces spotless and dean. II quickly dissolves bugs and other garbage and gnme. There are no fumes, it works wet on chrome, painted surfaces and plastic.


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Buy American ShSfig

Oil To Africa-Panr^

Worn On The Street

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