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J Freerider MX's Ultimate Guide to Freestyle

As freestyle motocross continues to capture the imagination of the mainstream public and motorcycle sales soaring, more riders are focusing their attentions on riding FMX than ever before. With the racing scene becoming more competitive than ever, more people are opting for the lifestyle and fun factor of freestyle, and as a result, amateur classes at events are burgeoning, and letters from readers eager to make a career in freestyle motocross are flooding Freerider MX Magazine's inbox. Freerider MX's Ultimate Guide to Freestyle - $19.95

l2 Essential Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance

The purpose of this book is to introduce the novice motorcycle mechanic to the basic mechanical concepts that go into designing, building and maintaining modern motorcycles. By performing their own basic maintenance readers will gain a much better understanding of how motorcycles function, and develop a much better feel for the health of their bike and deal with little problems before they become a big one, or worse, a serious safety issue. Essential Guide to Motorcycle Maintenance - $65.00

2 Essential Guide to Motorcycle Travel

This book is written to help motorcyclists prepare themselves and their motorcycle for travelling long distances over extended periods. Whether you are getting ready for a weekend trip beyond your home turf, or for a transcontinental odyssey lasting several years, Coyner's book details the fundamentals for riding in comfort, safety, and convenience. Essential Guide to Motorcycle Travel - $49.95

d Essential Guide to Dual Sport Motorcycling

Everything you need to buy, ride and enjoy trail and adventure motorcycling. Sections on riding gear, tools, riding tips and safety and maintenance keep you well informed for the trip ahead. Exploring and navigating are also covered in this comprehensive guide book. Essential Guide to Dual Sport Motorcycling - $55.00

I5 Troy Bayliss

This is the story of a life dedicated to racing, the story of a man who has always lived among motorcycles. The Ducati Yearbook chronicles the life of Troy Bayliss, Ducati World Superbike Champion through his memories and his experiences (on and off the track), his relationship with his team and with the bikes. Take a look into the life of Troy Bayliss, his racing career and his passion for Ducati. Troy and the bikes from Borgo Panigale, like the 999 and 1098, together made history. This is a book of photography with images accompanied by the words of the rider, fellow Ducatisti friends, colleagues, family and fans all who came in contact with this Superbike legend a true icon for all passionate motorcycling fans, Ducatisti and non.

Troy Bayliss - $34.95

^ American Dream Bikes

Unappreciated by the world is the fact that in today's elusive studio of motorcycle design America is a major player - for some, the major player. Dozens of designers, engineers and craftsmen are creating some of the most exciting and innovative motorcycles the world has ever seen - even dreamed about. This doesn't just mean "yet another chopper". It means names like Confederate, Ecosse, Fischer, Roehr, Vectrix (producing an electric sportbike), and MotoCzysz in addition to, and no less worthy in this context, the establishment Harley-Davidson with Buell, Victory, and even Indian. Award-winning author Alan Cathcart visits 25 shops interviews the designers and engineers and rides the motorcycles. Each shop, interviewee and motorcycle has been photographed especially for this book.

American Dream Bikes - $75.00

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