Kawasaki Klx250sf


standard tyres on the supermoto rims.

Out on the bumpy back roads the long travel suspension soaks up the bumps, and dirt roads are no problems. We even had a play on the grass and took it down some fire trails. Realistically this bike is capable of going to some well out of the way places if you are adventurous enough. Kawasaki has got the handlebar/seat/ footpegs ratio pretty right for a range of things. It has a comfortable sitting down position and if you want to stand up the 'bars aren't too low.

Our weekend jaunt had the bike and rider off with a group of larger machines. It involved mainly highway riding, with some twisty bits thrown in for good measure. Our learner was legally only able to sit on 80km/h, even though he felt the bike would be able to sit comfortably at higher speeds on the standard gearing. Seeing no luggage could be easily fitted it was down to a backpack to take his gear. He also mentioned the riding position allowed him to take some of the weight of the pack off his back by letting it sit on the seat. In fact the seat was the only bugbear in the whole trip. Being off-road derived it's a bit hard and narrow for long distance riding.

On the way home our rider was able to give the bigger bikes a big hurry up in the tight stuff, showing the KLX250SF is a very capable machine in the right hands and in the right situation.


At $7,299 we feel the SF represents great value. It's a smart looking bike with plenty of street cred. And it's ability to perform outmatches its looks.

Check out the Cycle Torque video of this machine on www.cycletorque.com. au. ■

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