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had seen the dyno sheet and had not informed them of that. I myself have heard manufacturer's gains and seen results which don't always back those claims up but I was happy to sit back and play the dumb one - some might say this comes easy to me - and see how it was going to play out.

The first dyno session had the bike smack on the standard figures supplied by K&N. When I say smack on I mean within half a pony. We fitted the filter, which was an easy job for anyone without two left hands, and the second session produced exactly what K&N claimed - a gain of 10 horsepower. To say the boys at DBS were gobsmacked is a bit of an understatement. When I questioned them on this, with a cheeky grin, I was informed there was rarely any gains of that magnitude with filters they had used.

Next step was fitting the Rush pipes. But before this I needed to fit a new set of tyres to the FBL. The original rear had worn out and I had a new set of Pirelli Nightdragons waiting to churn tar. Now I've pulled out and put back in countless sets of wheels on race and road bikes over the years but I was unprepared for what lay ahead. Getting the rear wheel out took two of us. To put it bluntly it was a cow of a job. I'm sure mechanics who did it day in and day out would be proficient at it but if s not a job I'd like to revisit in a hurry. It seems the Softail design causes this because other Harley-Davidsons I saw at the shop certainly looked like it would be easier ripping out their back wheels. The front wasn't an issue. I think the trick is knowing the right sequence for these types of jobs. It was the same fitting the new mufflers. There's little room to get the screws holding them on out, but seemingly even less room trying to get your hands in to put the screws back in. In hindsight, removing the whole exhaust, header pipes and all, would be the go in the future, I think.

Dyno session number three: The new Rush pipes sounded great - throaty without being too loud. There are too many Harleys out there which sound downright obscene. These are right on. More good news, another three extra horsepower from the pipes. Then it was wipe the bike down, don some riding gear and take it for a strop up the road. The extra power was noticeable straight away. The mods not only gave us extra power up top but they gave over 30 percent more torque at 50km/h. Not only that but the K&N filter and the

Rush pipes add to the sinister look of the bike, setting it off just nicely.

All at Dyno Bike Solutions agreed the bike looked nice, sounded nice and went better than it did before. Job done. Well not quite. You see there's a sting in the tail when you modify your bike. The sting in this tail was the fact the bike the was running leaner than ideal. The solution is to fit a fuel injection tuning device to sort this out.

Harley-Davidson's Screaming Eagle Pro Super Tuner was fitted and tuned by Dyno Bike Solutions. If s easy to fit, you simply plug it in to wiring loom connection but it takes a dyno expert to get the best out of the tuner. After a number of hours playing around Gavin from DBS triumphantly exclaimed he had liberated close to another three horsepower from the FBL's engine, and perhaps more importantly got the fuelling spot on.

- Chris Pickett

See the Cycle Torque videos of this bike at - and there's a special edition eMag coming soon!

By the time you read this, the Cycle Torque Fat Boy Lo project will probably be on the market. Call 02 4956 9820 if you're interested in purchasing this bike.


RUSH EXHAUST - $599.95



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