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When we first reviewed the 2008 BH Connect we mentioned that the bike didn't bowl us over at first glance. Then we rode it and were really impressed with the riding characteristics, and the bike over-performed in almost all categories. When Chris Cocalis of BH USA showed up with a Di2 version of the bike (RBA July 2009), we focused our time on the revolutionary new Di2 electric shifting system and not so much on the 2009 BH Connect. Can you blame us? After a few more months on the bike, the initial fascination with electric shifting put into perspective, we were able to focus on what turned out to be a really great bike.

frame, the channel was designed to decrease weight and be a clever way to run cables. In the end, BH found that the frames with the channel had a 15-percent stiffer head tube and were ten-percent stiffer in side-to-side movement in the bottom bracket area. (It's also 100 grams lighter.) Borrowed from the F1, the channel offers stiffness and design benefits, but most importantly, it was put into place on the Connect to better accommodate the new battery system for Shimano's Di2 shifting system. The battery on the Connect is hidden behind the chainrings and positions the battery at the lowest point in the frame for optimal handling.

fact that you can get a bike of this quality in a price range way below any competitors' prices. The Connect frame is $2355, and complete builds run from $3800-$6400. Our Di2 test version would run closer to $8000.

Price: $8000

Weight: 900 grams (frame only) Info:

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