Poor UP

Up is work. Down is fun. The top can't come fast enough, but the descent always ends too soon. Even in taxes: up = bad, down = goooood. Which leaves Down pretty up about being Down, but Up, well, it ends up a bit down about being Up. We didn't want to turn things upside down. Believe us, Down is good. Really good. But we thought Up could use a boost. A leg up. That's why we added SmoothLink™ suspension to the 2011 Slayer to give it a bob-free uphill pedal stroke. And with the 75-degree seat angle of our Straight-Up™ geometry, you're in a position to defy gravity on every technical climb. We gave Up the same kind of love we did when we gave Down 165mm of special travel treatment. Up may not quite be the new Down, but things are looking... good.


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