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We've fallen for the faux carbon fibre charms of the new Edge 800. It supplies all the data we knew we wan:ed, and some we didn't, but it's so easy to usevou never feel bogged in info. The battery life issue has been addressed and we can pack in the hours without it taking a nap before Ihe end of the ride, a frustration we had before. Min

Garmin Edge 8 From £349

This bike-specific GPS computer finally delivers the goods

Enter the new 2.6in colour touchscreen Garmin 800, the first GPS-enabled bike con-.puter to use 'proper' Ordnance Survey (OS] mapping.

Fitting is easy: secure, twin rubber O-rings attach Garmin's new twist 'n' click mount to your bar or stem in seconds. The touchscreen can be used with numb or gloved fingers, so is ideal for winter rides.

It's simple to set up. Charge the Edge via its USB or mains charger, fit the 1:50,000 OS mapping chip (optional 1:25,000 GB Discoverer maps cf National Parks and Trails are available) in the slot under the unit, then switch it on and spend a minute telling the device about yourself. Because it's GPS there are no other set-up hassles. Battery life is excellent; with a claimed 18 hours we did seven days of riding with power to spare. Power Chimp makes an auxiliary battery that's worth checking out though.

You can plan routes using the included software, which easily downloads to your Mac or PC, and after each ride plug the 800 in to ycur home computer and analyse ycur ride stats to sco how far and how fast you rode. Data can then be accessed in graphs and charts.

Out riding, we were able to zoom and scroll swiftly to check details accurately. If you're an athlete (or info geek) you can use the heart rate chest strap

(included in our version) to monitor physical performance. The Edge 800 had us hooked on using it every ride. It's tough, the screen didn't scratch despite lots of prodding with muddy fingers, and it's waterproof. The display is easy to read in sunlight and has an adjustable brightness setting.

Prices begin at £349 for the standard 800, £399 gets you the cadence,'heart rate kit too. and £449 the top end model including mapping, as tested here. Justin


"If you've been shy of getting into GPS, this new 800 will convert you."

Soft, warm and one of :he fastest drying bases we put tothe test. Polyester and merino Wend work together » wick sweat and keep you warm in e/en measure. Its close fit i; ideal for high-intensity riding. mmciatise

The North Face light LS

This super thin crew n?ck polyester warmer is magic: for its weight it'sthe warmest, fastest drying base layer we've worn in a while. Ideal for layering under close-fitting garments. mm.therorthface.com

Fox First Laversleeveless

Super thir, this is ideal to wear under any other layer. It trap? air well and wicks sweat away okay, but likes space between itself and the mid/outer layer to work best, mmfoxiacing.com

when it comes to luxury merino it's a three-way tie between Cornish Finisterre, Welsh Howies and Canadian Sugoi. The wicking. stink-evading Zephyr has a deeper cut to the neck that you'll either like or not. wmv.finis'erreuk.com ^

Satmap Active 10 £347

A pure navigation GPS with a usefully large screen (to plai and plot routes as vougo)usingOS mapping. No bike functions mw.satmpco.uk

Garmin Oregon £359

Chunky but reliable the Oregon is a solid mappir^ GPS performer with competent off-bike usability as well.


Garmin Edge 500

A bike data-only GPS unit No mapping, juit the ride data you'd expect from a good wirelss GPS computer. Hmgarmin.com

Ralaasa: SioraVMys >i Fariiama.fi. iVIa^isElriss tor AJ

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