Hell Really Exists

Hell Really Exists

Koonika Miidu is the author and the creator of this helpful program. The author of this program wants to show you that the Hell really exists and no one can change that reality. Though, he believes there's a way you can be saved from it and that is exactly what this program is all about. The program contains a lot of information to help you discover the confirmed facts about hell. There are testimonies from people that have visited hell and come back. Those are the people that want to show you the reality and also advise you to stop gambling with your soul. It is very easy to be convinced that this program is for Christians only. Hell is not for a specific religion. As a matter of fact, every person regardless of their religious background should take caution. The Hell Really Exists program is available in downloadable PDF formats. This means you need an Adobe Acrobat reader so you will be able to download and read it. As a matter of fact, you will get some other DVD format programs with testimonies from over 70 people that wishes to help you along the way. Read more here...

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Ducati Goes To The Dark Side And Produces A Devil Of A Powercruiser

So that's a key reason why Ducati has gone to the Dark Side, in the eyes of many dedicated ducatis-ti, and produced the very devil of a powercruiser in the aptly-named Diavel - that's what the Italian word Diablo, meaning devil, mutates to in the distinctive Bolognese accent. And if you say it to yourself quickly, you'll know how come this bike is a devil in disguise.

Demon Gets Dirty

A cult favourite on the snowsports scene, US brand Demon has turned an eye to the muddy, and occasionally bloody, world of mountain biking. The result is a line of pads and body armour that would look just as suited to the pages of some poncey fashion mag as they do mbr Bring a little rock 'n' roll style to your ride with some knee and elbow pads, and do the right thing and buy one of these limited edition T shirts proceeds go towards funding eye surgery for product designer Nick Moore. He's got a degenerative eye condition but his health - insurance won't pay, so Demon is raising the cash for him. Check out www. demondirt.com.

Bkc Vhell Frames

The V-Hell features dual 1 1 8 D.O.M. tubes as the downtube and cradle, splitting past the transmission to form a rear section to fit either stock or 180 200mm tires. Also featured are BKC's new N.O.S. axle plates, allowing you to run either an exposed axle area or covered with the supplied aluminum covers. Gooseneck or straight neck, tire sizefstock or 180 200mm), 4 or 5spd, stretch and rake (up to +6 and 40 degree) are all options left up to the customer. Starting at S2070. www.bareknucklechoppers.com


Kirk's 'Lucifer' V-Rod was initially built by his good friend, Marc, and although he intended to keep it, Kirk browbeat him into parting with the beast. Marc'd got his inspiration from his Comm Lucifer watch, one of only 666 made. Corurn are a Swiss company who make watches costing from 5000 to one million Swiss Francs He started off with the B-model V-Rod because he wanted a black frame. He junked die stock bodywork, wheels, forks and exhaust and then caine over to Wales and ordered a 330 rear wheel with black rims, and a stock size front as he wanted the classic look of the slim front tapering out to the humungous rear. He also opted for a single 13 matching disc to show off the wheel and have a minimalist look (check out the front mudguard). The Pretec six pots followed the theme - he insisted on having them black with '666' macliined in. He then took a trip to the US to get the devilish paint job done over there and, while he was Stateside, bought a set of black Stortz forks too....

Italian Legendary Protection

Weirdly, or maybe not, come to I praise small, I cheap, old bikes. In these tough times, it might seem inappropriate to encourage you to go out and buy another bike, but what the hell, you only live once, right And you can't take it with you (your money or your bike). But the by-product of this increased technological sophistication is that many of us are less likely to really get our hands dirty, less likely to have taken our bikes apart and rebuilt them. Again, this is understandable, since the consequences of getting something wrong or not understanding what the hell we are doing could be embarrassing and expensive, not to mention inconvenient.

Hooligan Represent Jacket

When you take a vicious hell-raising canine who has just broken his chain, add a hundred plus horsepowerand mix it with a no bullsh*t attitude - that's when you know you can take names and represent. Here at Icon, we are proud to introduce the Represent collection. A no-nonsense, snarling approach to a high-octane lifestyle. Both on and off the bike, Icon represents we think you should too.

We Actually Want To Be Like Bobke

In scouring the current Road Bike Action (I subscribe to buy every roadie magazine I can get my hands on, but RBA plugged their drive for readers and tweeps in a different article, I'm just furthering the cause), the first thing I read was Bob Roll's article. Bobke is always a good read or tweet entertaining, a little off-center and delivers the mix of drama, tragedy and comedy that is cycling. Bobke's first strong suggestion was to not suffer like the pros. He wrote of the depths of a pro's suffering, and while you have the urge to dive into their hell, look but don't leap. The third suggestion was not tying your self-worth to your cycling performance. Both these suggestions seem to breach a cardinal rule of writing know your audience. Road Bike Action's readers aren't reading Touring Bike Monthly or Commuting Action, and I'm sure RBA's media kit to potential advertisers highlights something resembling that their typical reader makes 68,000 a year, spends S2000 a year on bicycle...

Max Has Come Up With A Great Way Of Killing Time Until His Neighbours Are Awake And He Can Start Turning Laps

I remember way back in the day when I first found out about the message boards I used to get pissed off with anything anyone said but then I got wise to what was actually going on. It's all just absolute bulls**t No-one knows what the hell is going on, it's all just gossip or Chinese whispers, so now I just add fuel to the fire and wind people up if I ever go on. It's just ridiculous and funny I suppose in some way it might have had an effect because instead of taking everything to heart and going out to prove everyone wrong I just ignore it and do the best for me.

Always Got To Expect The Unexpected When It Comes To Hot New Italian Metal

Looks like a lavish Liberace invention, and it gorges on high-end techno solutions, creating a bad ass machine like no other. All it needed was a name, so when someone shouted at its silhouette, Ignurant comm' al Diavel - Evil, just like the devil, everyone downed tools and went on a bender, leaving Ducati's talented engineers, led by Andrea Forni, to figure out how to make it all work. Stick her in Sport and head out on the highway to hell

The First Tire With A Double Soul

ANGEL ST permits you to express every side of yourself, to be a passionate tourer without sacrificing the excitement of sport riding. The tread design is an icon of an angel which gradually unveils a demon to ensure durability and heavenly comfort, together with demonic road holding. ANGEL ST. Drawn on your souls.

Know Them Love Them Fear Them

Religious penitents go to extremes to atone for their sins the torment, the flagellation, the long journeys. In the religion of mountain biking, the true masochists flock to La Ruta de Los Conquistadores. The race across Costa Rica is a four-day painfest composed of endless hike-a-bikes. 30,000 feet of elevation gain and hundreds of miles of muddy roads. And yet, year after year, the lemmings come. It defies logic, but if you feel compelled to suffer the fires of hell on two wheels, this is your race. It's not the prettiest course on the planet, but the trails and roads of La Ruta helped define the sport of endurance racing.

If Its Actually Possible It Looked Lke There Were Even More People At This Years Rash Than There Were Last Year

Anyway, moving on, Saturday night's bands were Rubicon (classic rock covers), FUBAR (modern and classic covers) and Bad Penny (classic covers). Were they any good Dunno, as usual I was outside with mates, drinking and talking shite, as were a hell of a lot of other folk but, from where I was lounging, the hall looked packed and more than a few sweating, grinning folk kept coming out for a cool down and then diving back into the melee again so I'd guess they were all up to standard. In

Historically Speaking

Dale added, Each team was responsible for its own support and repairs. Our Wheels Through Time friend, Myron Pace, headed up our support crew, drove the truck, and was our all-around mechanic. He probably rebuilt about 100 magnetos along the way. And he always had a cold beer ready. My son, Matt, kept up with the run all the way, posting developments on our website. One of the run's stopovers was at our museum in Maggie Valley and there were thousands of people waiting to greet us. It was a great moment for all of us one of many during the 16 days. Wayne was leading the pack all the way, and the adrenaline rush was pretty amazing. I rode with two great competitors, Wayne and David. We stuck to the rules and made no excuses and basically hauled ass. Wayne took home the Class II Third Place trophy and he, David, and I are taking back memories of the greatest ride we've ever enjoyed. Do it again Hell yes. But maybe not in 16 days, maybe 10 to make it a little tougher. I think this One of...

Innovation For Evolution

But we also asked, 'What can we bring in from outside cycling ' So we found our core strength trainer, Darcy Norman who also works with the Bayern Munich football team , and we learnt more about power transfer and some of the work that was being done in that field in American football and in European football. We said, 'Let's just try these things', and the athlete feedback was immediately very good. It's really been through athlete acceptance that we've learnt the value of core training riders are more comfortable, more durable, and they are getting perhaps just a little better power transfer through every pedal stroke. Maybe the advantage of that is infinitesimal, but of course through the season that adds up to a hell of a lot of benefit.

Comparison With Motogp

You could argue that since the laps were done on different days in different conditions, any lap comparison between the 2009 French Grand Prix and Le Mans 24 is skewed. 8ut what the hell. Matthieu Lagrive's pole lap at te Mans was 1-37,304, Jorge Lorenzo's on his Yamaha Ml was 1-33.9 - Lorenzo didn't have lights on his bike though and the best race lap comparisons are 1-38.242 to I -35.045 by Dam Pedrosa. Needless to say the lap times of the MotoGP riders nearer the back of the field were much closer to the Michelin-shod Honda's

Words And Photos By Mike Wood

As well as being blessed with that fantastic natural ability, Ben is also a demon with the spanners and wherever possible likes to prepare and maintain his bikes for action. And the development throughout his career of technical knowledge has helped build his current business Race Connections which deals with engine tuning and suspension set-up. Ben's mechanical interest was in evidence from the start, watching his dad Tony build a bike around a Puch Maxi moped engine complete with a Fairy liquid bottle for a fuel tank The four-year-old Ben looked instantly comfortable aboard that tiny hybrid machine.

Races Are Won In The Mind

Destiny 125cc

Was it a marriage made in heaven When Brains' got back with 'Norge' after breaking up three years earlier, was it written on the wind Was it destiny Was it simply meant to be What the hell are we on about here Well, Mark Brains' Woodage is the chief engineer at Parkalgar Honda and is the man working closest to his rider Eugene Norge' Laverty in the Parkalgar Honda world supersport team. Early results in 2009 have been promising for the team, but it's not the first time they've worked together in the supersport class.

March 2011 Fast Bikes Magcom

In the late 1960s and early 1970s Swedish riders dominated the motocross scene. This was an era when you had to be harder than permafrost to even consider getting on one of these demonic two-stroke 'crossers - and the Swedes were the hardest of the bunch. Coy about his own success, Kenth was an accomplished rider, competing in international events at a time when you had to he hot stuff to even win a national level race in Sweden.

Store Your Motorcycle

Multiple factors can militate against that regular weekend ride and, as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Let's say you work a five-day week. On Saturday there are lawns to be mowed and kids to be taken to football or basketbal. You save Sundays for a ride with your mates. But it doesn't always work out. Other commitments, terrible weather, or even mechanical maladies can interfere with the ideal world. Before you know it, you've missed three consecutive rides.

Story And Photography By Llewellyn Pavey

Hell's Gate sits as one of the world's most grueling extreme enduros, and there is no doubt that the 2011 running of the event re-confirmed this. There is no other enduro that pushes both riding skills and fitness quite like the Tuscany-based race. Brit Graham Jarvis held on to win this year's running of Hell's Gate in Italy.

Youll LOVE Yuill Brothers

The kit is a complete setup of high quality, well matched parts. Just about everything we needed was included - from gaskets to clamps. We went to Lucky Devil Metal Works where Brad Latham, the former crew chief on Mancu-so's Nitro Harley Racing Team, installed the gear driven cams and we installed the high flow air cleaner and true dual exhausts at our Houston shop. 2. To install the gear driven cams, we headed over to Lucky Devil Metal Works where Brad Latham was going to perform the install. Once secured to the lift, Brad removed the seat, disconnected the negative battery cable, gas tank, air cleaner, right floorboard, front exhaust, and both spark plugs (so we can easily turn the engine with the rear wheel).

Wsbbike Test Coronary Anticipation

He's AI's hero, so it was a nice distraction watching him try to be all cool and matter of fact when you knew he really wanted to hug him. He's here to ride all the bikes, I'm supposed to ride five. Already though, I'm thinking of handing one to Al. The Kawasaki scared the living hell out of him last year, so he'd be perfect to see what's changed. That, and 1 don't fancy sporting the same look of terror he did if things hadn't improved. Otherwise, Ten Kate's Fireblade, Alstare's Suzuki CSX-R and the Xerox Ducati, and Cal Crutchlow's I'm supposed to go ride the Suzuki next, but I think I'm done. Not only have I truly banished my demons, but I was able to give two of the world's best race bikes a thrashing that I'm satisfied with. But now I'm completely done, I've peaked. This was never going to be a 'test', i d just be kidding everyone if it was, but it's been some experience. Asking A1 to go and ride the Suzuki, 1

Barnett Bicycle Institute

The Sh*tbike stands as a testament that riding is about much, much more than having the latest shiny toys. The Shlbike reminds us all not to take ourselves too seriously. The Sh*tbike proves that magazines can actually thrive by having a sense of humor and trust in their readership. Did it achieve widespread fame or notoriety Hell yes. Did it have an impact Damn straight. Did it leave mountain biking a better place Yes, and it's not done yet.

O First Ride Bmw F Soor

Some bikes are intimidating, aren't they Some circumstances are intimidating (do you remember the first time you rode away from a bike shop on your new bike ). And when you put both scary bike and stomach-churning situation together, it detracts from your riding. Well, I think I'm on safe ground when I say that nobody - or almost nobody - would be intimidated by the new-for-2009 BMW F 800 R. And I mean that as a compliment. Who the hell wants to be intimidated every time they thumb the starter button of their bike

MV Agusta Brutale 990 R1090 RR

With a four-headlight array, tube-steel bumper and mesh inserts showing off its leaning, parallelogram front suspension, the MP3 500 is more urban-assault vehicle than urbane commuter. Even the colors-Demon Black and Dragon Red-make a statement. A 493cc, four-valve engine pumps out a claimed 40 hp with 31 ft.-lb. of torque, good enough to jet away from traffic all the way to a top speed just one tick short of 90 mph. Also available The smaller-engined and more conservatively styled Mm 400.

From Thg Editor

Close attention to every step made, just looking for an opportunity to chime in and critique, criticize, and scrutinize every action and decision. The key thing to remember though, is that Harley is one helluva huge ship and for the most part it's been heading in the same direction for a very long time, and therefore like a large cruise ship it isn't able to make quick or drastic changes, things are gradual and take time. I'm not saying I think Harley is going to change course, but it is definitely exploring different paths to get to its destination. Now Gavin's Lucky Devil Night Train on the other hand is a true fully customized Harley, and seems to follow the typical path that most of us go with our bikes as soon as we think we've got it exactly how we want it, we see some other part we want to bolt on, cut or weld. Then somewhere in between the Sporty and the Night Train you have our cover bike, the Bad King built by ThunderBike. The frame is still the stock H-D unit, as is the...


But I'm well excited to get back on the ol' SX-F, she's gonna feel like a right honey after thrashing the smoker about. I waited until after Christmas to ride it as the weather was so gnarly cold and there was still snow about which wouldn't have been a good mix. Boxing Day was good fun as I went to my mate Legget's clay shoot up the road - it was a right laugh and man did I get through some shells. Hell of a day The next day it was back to training on my new hardtail that Hope built for me which is seriously pimping. Then finally the frost started thawing out and I got up in my woods and rode for the first time in two months since I broke my leg.


I was talking the other day to a couple of girls who ride bikes about bikes n'stuff. One of them rides a streetfightered GSX-R, and the other is thinking of gettinga'fighter (hello Mel ), and the one who's already got one was telling me what the reaction of blokes to her having such a bike is. She says she's lost count of the number of times that she's had men say to her,'is that your boyfriend's bike,luv 'and,on morethanone occasion, they've said, after she's said, 'No, it's mine, thanks', something along the lines of s not right that, birds having bikes like that'. Now this got me thinking- why are some blokes like that I mean, personally, as a serial lecher, I'm all for more women on bikes - they're a hell of a lot easier on the eye than most o'you bunch o' ugly feckers, I can tell you - so I've never understood this attitude of'women on bikes is wrong unless they're on the back'. Over theyears I've met ladies who are just as good at riding bikes or better than the average bloke is...

Second Opinion

You're not going to get a lot of joy out of the tyres either. The OE spec is Pirelli Sport Demons Cleary the gearing is absurdly long and changing the final drive ratios (dropping a tooth from the front and adding two or three to the rear sprocket) would probably work wonders for it, but why the hell didn't Derbi spec more appropriate road gearing before it signed off the design and spec sheet Why would you buy a brand new bike and then have to fork out for two aftermarket sprockets and a new (longer) chain Are they locoi

Letter Of The Month

About a month later, and despite beating the hell out of myself on my Nomad, I proved this notion false. I was wrenching on my bike when my wife screamed for me to come upstairs. Needless to say, the word positive has never evoked such emotion or surprise. Originally, I thought that I would have to stay out of the saddle for a few months or at least give up the DH. While I'm stoked that I don't have to take a break from riding, I now have to get my sh't together, seriously together. Lesson of this story riding is not effective contraception. However, teaching my soon-to-be hellion on two wheels how to ride seems pretty awesome. Hopefully, he she is as crazy about riding as his her old man. JUSTIN ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI As for getting your life in order, sounds like you're halfway there-you've got a wife, a nice bike, and a kid on the way. Just take care of the hellion the way you take care of your Nomad and things should work out And since the little one be piles of baby presents in the...

American Idle

In the ensuing days, I pondered the question and None now seems a bit brusque, so after due consideration, I'd like to apologize for my boorish behavior oh the hell with it, none works for me, if you don't like it, stuff it Now before the VJMC farms out a hit, let me explain why I feel that way.

Off Leash

Two weeks ago, my buddy became very ill and passed away. A couple of days later the August issue of Bike showed up. Usually I'm like a kid at Christmas, but it seemed unfair to get excited now that I had lost my riding partner. But I opened up and started to read. Like everyone else, I went straight to the back and the Sh*tbike, then just read it cover-to-cover. I hit Off Leash on page 114 and started to tear up. Why did it have to be in this issue, right after I lost my pal I don't know. I will tell you this I cried and feel a hell of a lot better for it I realized that I had the best riding buddy a guy could have. No bullshit, no complaints-just down for a ride whenever and wherever. Thank you for reminding me and everyone else that is lucky enough to know about this unconditional companionship. Please tell Mike thank you for his article.


Ducati etc) and, behind, them a purpose-built FMX (freestyle motocross) track where some of the best riders in the world demonstrate the skills (skillz ) that have earnt them such massive salaries and so many broken bones. Finally, behind the FMX arena, there's the long and very narrow stunt track where the biggest names in the world ride in front of a massive crowd of barking mad French stunt fanatics and thoroughly enjoy themselves. But, as I said, what brings a hell of a lot of folk to the event is the Radical Bike Show. Organised by the legendary French custom bike builder Nicolas Chauvin and his small, but very hard-working, crew, the Radical Bike Show brings in the cream of Europe's custom builders and the best from the British Isles too - the likes of Phil Piper, Si Harris, Destiny Cycles, Larry Houghton, the Ducks C&C Choppers from Ireland and the NCC, to name but a few, have all displayed bikes there over the years and quite often won there too. This year, though, Pecquencourt

Teething troubles in

IT WILL take a while for the world to get used to the brands of the Moto2. Browsing through a Grand Prix program, you won't find big manufacturers such as Honda and Yamaha, KTM and Aprilia. Instead, you'll see strange names like Sutar and Moriwaki, FTR and RSV, Kalex and BQR in the line-up. MZ from Germany and Bimota from Italy are probably the best-known motorcycle producers, and they are the only ones out of the lot to produce street bikes besides their racing activities. All the others are just known to insiders. And, looking at 14 different brand entries, even people from the paddock ask themselves who might be behind some of the abbreviations and what the hell qualifies them to take part in the world championship. Memories come flashing back from the days when highly talented do-it-all-yourself enthusiasts like the young Jeremy Burgess took unrideable Japanese bikes apart, re-built them and rode to glory. Days when small engineering enterprises like the one of Spaniard Antonio...

Frederick Pride

Who the hell is Jeff Schalk I just read your article on his riding Frederick, Maryland trails in Gambrill Park and ourwatershed. Unfortunately, it's obvious to us true Fredericktonians that have grown up here riding the trails for over 30 years that he doesn't know much about our area. First off, there is no Iceberg trail. I've never heard of it (neither have any of my friends That grew up here) as I know and have rode every trail in our 'Shed I'm not even going to get into all the trail names, but why would you interview a newbie with no knowledge of ourarea (I guess just because he's some kind of Pro ) Another point if he can't clean the sections he describes in the article then I wonder how he ever made it pro. If you're any good as a mountain bike rider, there is nothing except the Salamander trail that cannot be picked cleanly. The Salamander trail is the gnarliest we have to offer with huge drops and rocks galore, I wonder if Jeff ever made it that far


Triumph 750 vintage racebikes (raced both of them in the last two Pikes Peak International Hillclimbs) and I regularly compete in Mulder's West Coast Vintage Dirt Track Series. I have a beautifully restored AJS 500 flat-tracker in my kitchen, a '47 Matchless 500 being restored (by me, of course) and a totally cool '68 Triumph 650 dual-sport (my former racebike). My dear friend and I started the project (dubbed Project Silk Purse, for obvious reasons), which was to be an unusually fast racebike, but plans were altered upon losing him to that demon cancer a few years ago. You may remember him Gordon Jennings, who was the first technical editor of Cycle World in '62. What's my point Of all the bikes I have owned over the past 49 years and that I currently own, I love my Vespa GTS 250 the most, using it as a daily commuter bike, 8000 seamless miles in the last year-and-a-half with zero maintenance other than one rear tire and regular oil changes. I love it because it is a hoot to ride and...

Yamaha Yzfr6

The devil is In the detail, and the list of changes to the R6 is scant. Despite what some ladies may say, a 100mm extension on your muffler ain't going to considerably improve performance. Neither is pressing a few buttons and refining the ECU. Therefore, the R6 is still a militant track obsessed hero. Nothing can match the Yam on max-gas from apex to apex.

New Features

I thought you may like this picture of Stoner on his visit to this hot and dusty land, not long before he er tasted the dust What a pity, he rode like a demon, then snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Yes, it was great, three days of top quality racing for 15 quid.

Bike Feature

I'm more than happy with the way it came out though - it was a hell of a lot of work, but the result is just as I'd first envisaged. I'd like to thank Bennetts for the opportunity to build it, and everyone who helped with it - especially Dymag's Norbert Backes, Coventry University's Peter Barker and Andy Peck for the usual great work with the paint scheme. 8


While victories against the 10Obhp power limit, compulsory leg protectors, and the anti-tampering laws are well-known, Jeff Stone says it's the day-to-day work of groups like the BMF that really makes a difference, even if these efforts are not widely publicised. One example was educating landlords who tried to ban bikers from pubs in the 1980s. We did a hell of a lot of work talking to pub managers and licensing committees trying to get bans on bikers lifted. I used to drive to these pubs in my car, dressed in a suit, and ask the manager why I wasn 7 allowed in his pub. He 'd look all bemused until I explained I was a motorcyclist and the sign outside said I wasn'(allowed in.


Due to our enthusiasm for this rig, we've really put it through the ringer, and on any given day, one of our staff is likely to be caught riding it. We've plowed it over our all-mountain, trail and cross-country test tracks in Bellingham, Washington and pummeled it through the extensive rock gardens of Noble Canyon, to the east of San Diego, California. Hell, one of our more intrepid testers even stuck a 20-foot gap on it in Bend, Oregon.


The Belgians, the guy with the antlers, even the Devil himself provide us viewers with moments of absurdity that remind us all that at the end of the day, these are grown men in Lycra racing bicycles, for goodness sake. The imagination that goes into the fans' outfits is better than ever and gets better every year. This is a wonderful part of the racing two-wheeled circus that no other sport can match.

All mountain

Niceties include a tapered headtube and a flex-reducing 142 X 12-millimeter E-Thru rear axle. Slayer models come stock with chainstay-mounted, E-Type front derailleurs and a chunk of aluminum (Rocky calls it a granny sandwhich ) bolted to the ISCG tabs, which eliminates the risk of dropping the chain and gouging the hell out of the chainstays.

Bmw K1300 S

It's incredible to think that this isn' even BMW's quickest machine, because the muscular 1293cc motor can be every bit the hell raiser it threatens to be. This is the second generation of the K, evolving from the 1200 S to become as quick a continent basher as you can get. Speed and power can he bandied about, (175mph and 154bhp) but there's plenty of guise packed in. Positive drive comes from way down in the rev range, and then builds to its crazy crescendo. In between, everything is progressive and smooth, albeit with a little kick trom 7,000rpm. If you can't do what you want with this motor, then you need to realign your desires with reality.

Shop Name

After a year in the making between its concept and completion, Sleep finally picked up his dream Harley. Harley-Davidson of Anaheim-Fullerton and Danny did a hell of a job, Sleep said. I even took the bike to my buddies, Big Punchy and Baby Slip, over at the Candy Shop, in Los Angeles.

Cxim Handshake

Like A Pro (Corrected for anytime between 2001 and 2009, that blurb would probably read Spin Like Lance , and I've gone on rides where I did nothing but pedal flat ground and count while trying to let my body sink into some sort of smoothness. I've done one-leg pedaling drills in out-of-the-way places where nobody would see me. Hell. I even resorted to fixie riding, once, about 15 years before tight jeans and matching rim handlebar grip colors were required to be seen on one of those torture devices. I listened to advice Imagine you are scraping something off the sole of your shoe at the bottom of your pedal stroke. I've tned pedaling in circles. I've even tried to understand what the hell people like Chris Car-michael are talking about when they refer to an-kling. Eventually. I surrendered to just letting my body figure it out. And what I have ended up with is something called The Dance of Meat.

Chris Moss

I'd have to run the new bike back-to-back with the old one to appreciate how much superiority it might have. But whatever the improvement, the Triumph is one hell of a bike, especially when ridden hard. Its Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tyres are a bit of an unfair advantage, giving the bike a precise and solid feel. Quality suspension and very strong brakes mean charging hard into corners on either road or track is something you just get on with. There's never any doubt about not making it.

First Ride

Road, full of second-gear hairpins, demonstrated this is a bike you won't have to muscle around to get it to steer. Ditto for when Urban mode is selected for a bit of chilled-out boulevarding But the devil is in the detail on the Diavel, and not only in terms of the literally awesome performance package it delivers, but also the optimum fit and finish of the whole bike, including its numerous design touches that prospective owners will relish. Like the clever fold-out passenger footpegs and retractable grab handle behind the seat, which except when used don't spoil The Look. Or the seamless cover that pulls off the passenger seat to expose it or the brushed

Stage three

The funnier Classics specialists will probably spend most of the day riding up to Alberto Contador and saying, Welcome to Hell, boy , before patting him on the back and laughing. We're hitting the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix with a stage to Arenberg the last thing riders like Contador want to do. He's going to be well out of his comfort zone.


For a vintage parts ju nkie to work as close as possible to the parts he lusts after. Dan's Knuck is from the third year that Harley-Davidson produced this type of engine - however his version is nothing like the bike that rolled off the Milwaukee production line. There are no large split tanks or skirted mudguards front and rear, instead, Dan has utilised classic chopper components to construct his ride - instead of the large fuel tank he has used an early peanut tank, and in the place of the skirted 'guards he has what he describes asa 'rear fender of acertain British heritage', whateverthe hell that means What I do know is that he has built himself a class ride, and one that I would be proud to own.


Rouge Lucifer (devil red) by BangedUp The frame and tinware were sentenced to six weeks at the now sadly closed Banged Up Paintwork at Little Hey Prison, who had already done us proud on Rick's bike, and Rick got stuck in with the engine paint and polishing until we had a spare room full of ready-to-build bike parts. New problem - where the hell was clean enough for the build to take place Rick had a Eureka' moment when he realised he would, in fact, have to build a new workshop in our (very small) garden. The builders started on August Bank Holiday and the workshop was completed by Christmas, and the final assemhly began. The first ride was in May that year which was also when she won her first trophy for 'Best Engineering'.

Club 1792 Aka Rumors

This is a great biker friendly spot to come and party with your friends. You can always find live bands and kick ass drink specials. Like all you can drink Wednesday's For just 5.00 for drafts and 10.00 for wells you get to party the night away boozing it up while throwing some darts and shooting some pool So make sure you stop by for one hell of a good time Located at 83 US Highway 17-92, Debary, FL 32713 So glad we found this gem of a biker hangout They have everything we love, great service, great open-air bar inside and out Makes me excited for summertime Located right next to the Howard Johnson that has a super sweet pool area that's perfect for pool parties and wet t-shirt contest Woo Hoo Come on down and say hello to Rudy who will take great care of you and your buds especially on their Wednesday night Bike Night. 2801 East New Your Avenue, Deland, FL 32724 (386) 738-0301

Leather Solo Bags

And to find one modified by a true race guru is something I'll remember forever. Hell, Skeets is one of the guys who taught John JD Cameron (one of the original Boozefighters) how to make 'em go And now, here I was with one of those exact motors in my very own hands.

Unk System

Why Virtual Link works is actually pretty simple too. Since there isn't a pivot between the bottom bracket and rear axle, chain growth is impossible. Chain growth Is the demon that causes that dreaded pedal bob that robs your power. The Virtual Link system engineers pedal bob right out of your ride so every ounce ol your pedal sloke goes into powering the rear wheel. Pure efficiency.


This bike taunted us to take risks, wreak havoc and ride with a devil-may-care attitude. On many bikes, you're forced to push and squeeze every last ounce of performance out of the rig. A spin on the Intense, on the other hand, leaves you feeling as if the bike itself has unlimited potential and that if there's a weak link in the equation, it's probably your skill set that's to blame.


Needless to say the snowball was in full decent by this time and the Tekni-Kolor team had their hands full with fabrication, extensive smoothing and molding, wiring, paint, and reassembly. What started as a simple custom paint-job turned into a two-year complete transformation from mild modification to wild makeover. Toriano said that as soon as the bike was finished he took it over to the San Francisco Rod and Custom Motorcycle Show and won Second place in the Full Touring class. He also said that he had one more major show he was going to display the bike in, the Arlen Ness bike Show in San Mateo, California, then it was going to be time to hit the streets and put all that planning, part purchasing, and waiting to good use and ride the hell out of the bike. HB

Link System

Why Virtual Link works is actually pretty simple too. Since there isn't a pivot between the bottom bracket and rear axle, chain growth is impossible. Chain growth Is the demon that causes that dreaded pedal bob that robs your power. The Virtual Link system engineers pedal bob right out of your ride so every ounce of your pedal stoke goes into powering the rear wheel. Pure efficiency.


Over 500 avid and excitable Italians spread themselves across the infamous Hell's Peak, the un-rideable end to 11 hours of extreme enduro racing. The commentator announced the situation around. The last lap as infor mation returned from the course. When Jarvis reached the bottom of the leaf-covered hill, the crowd erupted with excitement. As he reached the first turn of the hill, spectators swarmed around him, carrying and dragging him to his first win at Hell's Gate. The relief was clear to see, as he dropped his bike and hugged his team and anyone around. It was his day. Some 25 minutes later, another light came into view across the woods, and the Gas Gas-mounted Lampkin made his charge on the hill. Fatigue had clearly set in and the crowed carried his bike to the summit with Lampkin scrabbling behind. Lampkin stood atop Hell's Peak as the only other finisher and shouted Viva Italia to hundreds of cheering fans.

Good times

While I'm coming to realise that the internet is becoming a place to let our inner demons roam free, I'm also beginning to wonder if there isn't some merit in censorship by the authorities, because it seems plain to me we're incapable of doing it for ourselves. Internet ugliness makes the headlines on a daily basis, and while most of the horrors we hear about thankfully don't come to my inbox, there's a constant drip of unpleasantness that just doesn't seem to stop, no matter how hard I turn the tap. of a down-at-heel gent being asked to leave his perch on the roof of an overcrowded Indian train. He eventually agrees and dies in the process. I watched, bemused at first and finally horrified. Then I wondered why anyone would be filming this stuff in the first place, and finally who the hell, presumably in full understanding of what he or she was doing, would bung it on the net for anyone to find. I'd like to forget that particular clip, but it's proving...


Carnival is a celebration of freedom that started throughout thej Caribbean. There are many stylesj of celebration but Miami Carnival is rooted in style of carnival found in Trinidad and Tobago. Derivedj of groups with elaborate names and themes. Each group known asj (mass camps) will have many different sections with different costumes. Each section plays a part in the theme. Such as if the theme wasj Heaven and Hell one section willj be angels in all white and the other section will be devils dressed in all red with horns and pitch forks.


Our patented Virtual Link System engineers pedal bob right out of your ride so every ounce of your pedal stroke goes into powering the rear wheel forward. Since there isn't a pivot between the bottom bracket and rear axle, chain growth is impossible. And since chain growth is the demon that causes that dreaded pedal bob, no chain growth equals no pedal bob. Pure efficiency for attacking Heart Attack Hills everywhere.


Graham Jarvis (Hbg) 5 laps 2. Dougie Lampkin (GG) +25 minutes ELIMINATION 1. Graham Jarvis (Hbg) 41 31.15 2 Dougie Lampkin (GG) 42 27.89 3. Xavier Galindo (Hbg) 43 02.18 4. Alessandro Botturi (GG) 43 12.20 5. Maurizio Gerini (Hus) 43 41.73 6. Andreas Lettenbichler (Hus) 44 13.84 7. Diego Nocoletti (Beta) 44 16.02 8. Jonathon Walker (KTM) 44 16.81 9. Michael Vukcevic (Sherco) 45 05.56 10. Kyle Redmond (Beta) 45 12.73 22. Dan Hemingway (KTM) 48 46.06 28. Ben Hemingway (KTM) 51 19.33.

Black Hammock

The Black Hammock Adventure complex has been nestled on the edge of Lake Jes-sup for 50 Years, just East of Orlando and North of Oviedo, travel around the winding road through the citrus groves to the end of paradise. The Black Hammock has been serving us with half a Century of air boat rides, fishing, drinking and eating at one of the most naturally ambient destinations in Central Florida. No matter how you put it, this little slice of Florida has something for everyone and has been doing it right for a hell of long time Special thanks to their entire crew for the phenomenal service. We danced and partied the night away to great tunes at my favorite watering hole We look forward to many more good times The Black Hammock Adventures is located at 2356 Black Hammock Fish Camp Road, Oviedo, FL 32765. See you there


Beta has been making waves on the racing front lately with a strong showing at Hell's Gate and finishing second at the recent West National Hare Scrambles in California. Beta has been making waves on the racing front lately with a strong showing at Hell's Gate and finishing second at the recent West National Hare Scrambles in California.


Prototype five arrives, and the toptube and Knucklebox bolts and washers are perfect. Now, however, Brown decides, what the hell, he might as well beef up the chainstay bridge and shift the mudguard braze-ons and cable guides. Meanwhile, Fox sends over its new Boost Valve rear shock. It's a good excuse to ditch the cubicle for a couple weeks of trail testing.


THERE ARE COMMERCIALS ON THE RADIO, TV AND BILLBOARDS. HELL, THEY ARE EVERYWHERE AND THEY ALL SUCK ASS REALLY BAD THIS IS THE TIME OF YEAR THAT I AM SO THANKFUL FOR MY DVR, MY IPOD AND MY CD PLAYER. There is no god damn reason for anyone to be able to quote political commercials. Every single candidate has created a message that is just a non-stop bitch sessions telling us how crappy of a job their opponent will do and not one of them telling us how they are going to help us, what they can do to fix things, what they are going to give us or what they will do for us. Instead it is all just a bunch of peer bashing bullshit. The other day I heard one political hopeful using his mommy for his commercial. Come on, your Mother doing a commercial for you Grow the f ck up What gets me is, asshole 1 comes on in a commercial and bitches about asshole 2, the very next ad is asshole 2 coming on to bitch about asshole 1 Really WTF If we are going to get bombed nonstop with political commercials...

Paint Your Wagon

So now, instead of having to cope with smirks and patronising observations from Italians fanned by the xenophobically partisan Italian sporting press, Hayden had the demonic Puig and his protege Pedrosa to cope with on the other side of the Repsol Honda garage. Following one of the poorest world title defences in modern MotoGP history (though still better than Kenny Roberts Jr. in 2002 , the last thing Hayden needed that season was Puig stirring it up in the Spanish press saying Hayden was useless and couldn't develop a Polaroid instant picture far less a MotoGP bike. In MotoGP terms, it all got a bit ugly and Hayden jumped ship to Ducati at the end of 2008.

Deals With Ms

Maureen Wow How to answer this How do you explain going from the heights of cycling to the depths of physical health back to cycling again 12 years later It feels as though I traveled through hell and back. Determination, acceptance and fighting for the life I desired for myself brought cycling back to me. I've grown as a whole person from the journey. Physically, I got stronger than I ever imagined possible. I'm so much stronger emotionally for having traveled this journey and learned the lessons along the way.

Handlebar Width

It's one change that will transform the handling of your bike and can turn a barge into a nippy singletrack demon. Of course, running a shorter stem will affect the reach but that's something you have to accept. Weighing up handling over comfort is always an area that remains very personal and should be directly affected by what you want to get out of your ride. If you're keen to push it on techy trails and up your skill level, the shorter stem is the way to go. However, if you're looking to enter the TransRockies then comfort should be your number-one priority. Watch out with the saddle adjustment. Pushing your perch right back will alter how you sit over the pedals and can in itself have a negative effect on your back. As for the 100mm idea, to be honest 90mm isn't that short by today's standards so I would keep at it for a while and see if the control on the downs outweighs your comfort on the flats. You can always revert to the 110mm if you have an...

Beddingin New Tyres

It can be a tricky business scrubbing-in new tyres. The sheen on a new tyre is the release agent applied to prevent the tyre sticking to the mould in which it was created. This very thin layer of release agent is as slippery as hell until it's scrubbed off, and you'll only do it by riding.

What Was I

In the rain, you always have to take it reasonably steady in the opening taps to find the grip levels that are out there, and build up, just work up to the limit. I remember racing at Donington (in 20071 and getting passed by Karl Harris and Kiyonari, and I was wondering how the hell they were going so quick. A couple of laps later, they crashed out and I went on to win, and my last lap was my quickest. You can't go blasting straight from the start, you can't go fast right away.

The Grid Swells

With McCoy though, it's a real shame as we love a bit of the sideways king's style. The team say they couldn't afford him any longer, Garry claims to have 110 idea what the hell's gone on and is reportedly devastated. It's a tough outcome, but with his talent he should find another ride no bother.

Rick Scott

Better schools mean better adults later in life and better people in our great state. Hell, better people in the United States as a whole. Teachers are under paid as it is in this country as a whole anyway. What we need to do is fight to have them paid better so our children will be better educated achieving more, in turn making our state economy more stable once again a win-win situation.

Fiery Fate

Baroness Thatcher dies and goes to heaven. At the pearly gates, St Peter asks for her name. Margaret Thatcher comes the reply. Gef lost, you're not coming in here You have to go lo hell. Thatcher goes downstairs, and three days later Peter gets an irate phone call from Lucifer What the hell's going on Did you send her down here Yes, replies Peter, There's no way she 's coming into heaven. She's only been here three days and she 's already closed four furnaces Tom Trevisketh


My suspension and pipe didn't turn up until yesterday so for over a week I have been riding a truly stock bike with just my 604 Fat Bars on it and to say I have been impressed is an understatement. I don't want it to sound like a cheese ranger plug for KTM here but, honestly, I didn't even touch the clickers on the suspension and it was really good. Obviously, for a big boy like me sometimes it was a bit too soft but a hell of a stock package I must say. I rode three days the first week then thought 'bugger it' and entered a race called the Woodville International up in Palmerston North on

O Teutonic Track

No, it's not technically a racetrack, but rather a single directional toll road. Yup, those crazy Germans have an ingenious 'work around' one of the most dangerous 13 miles in the world. The 'Green Hell' may have been built on Hitler's command (at one of his favourite spots), but forget any moral issues because the Nordschleife offers offering every type of challenge conceivable with its 100 corners. There are no speed limits, but plenty of obstacles - for a start learning the

Tower of babble

As freeriding worked through its issues, and freeride bikes wandered around trying to figure out what the hell they were, the ever-hungry-for-categorical-definition cycling industry latched onto fre-eride-lite. otherwise known as all mountain. Since mountain was inviolate, incapable of doing any

Roger Allmon

OO, I REMEMBER THAT XS - BLUE ONE, WASN'T IT IT WAS LOVELY SORRY, I SEEM TO HAVE MISSED SOMETHING - BLOODY HELL, YOU WORKED FOR JOHN REED WHAT WAS THAT LIKE Yeah, he used to live across the road from me and someone said to him that he should pop across and ask if one of the lads with bikes wanted to earn a few quid cleaning his workshop and stuff. He came across and spoke to me about it and I said yes. I was only just thirteen at the time, but I was a big lad for my age and I assumed he thought I was sixteen or so. Give him his due, he kept me on when he found out how old I was even though he could've got into trouble for me being underage.

Custom Panhead

Twinn Riplica Frames

The J&P Cycles National Motorcycle Museum custom Pan-head is now finished and it could belong to any one of you fine folks out there in V-Twin land. Hell, you don't even have to be in V-Twin land, but you might not hear about it unless you know someone who lives within its realm. The only thing is that this 1955 replica Pan will have to patiently wait until New Year's Eve 2009 to be united with its rightful owner. In order to take this baby home, all you have to do is make a donation to the National Motorcycle Museum for 5 to get one entry for the bike, or make a 25 donation to get six entries for the bike, and you don't have to be present to win.


Valve Guide Reamer For Motorcycle

A winding devil's tail detail was also used as the top motor mounts. month design process too. We kicked around scallops, then scallops that turned into devil tails and so on. All the while I didn't want to hide that sexy tank under a mound of epoxy. I think that when you can see the craftsmanship in something like that it really shows how unique the piece is. We decided to go with flat black and some pin striping. I gave full artistic freedom to Joe Cartulo and he did an amazing job. The combination of the fishscale effect Kent did with the grinder on the tank along with the striping is fantastic. The pipes were the last thing we did. I mean you can't really go and slap some bolt-on aftermarket pipes on a chopper like that. They have a badass sound and are just as unique as the rest of the bike. HB

Michelin Yart Test

Feel like the tyre-warmers haven't been on long enough that the pressures are set low and they aren't warm enough, which is to say they feel a bit squidgy. They grip like hell but that's part of the problem because they are flexing too much steering is wallowy, and they're sort of bouncing out the corners under power.

Fort Lauderdalei

As with anything Kaotic Customs puts it's stamp on, the lines are pristine and horsepower plenty. Kaotic Customs is more than another custom bike builder they are a family of racers, builders and friends. Jack accredits his success to his loyal staff that have been with him throughout the last eight years, Bobby, Johnny and Joe, from his own lips, I couldn't have done it without them. Tried and true each creation that rolls out of Kaotic Customs is guaranteed to catch your eye and awaken your inner speed demon.

Race Torqu

EVEN the most casual observer would acknowledge that professional motorcycle racing is built on a rich tapestry of humanity, from the villains, spivs and downright crooks to the salt-of-the-earth types that make bike racing the truly unique sport that we all love. Some of our heroes may have even taken a wrong turn that descended them into a hell they were fortunate to be delivered from. As a hard-nosed newspaper reporter might note, Marco 'Lucky' Lucchinelli was 'one of the more colourful characters' to win a world 500cc championship. A blindingly quick rider of the '70s and '80s with a particular penchant for the ladies and a good time, Lucky had an even more intense and destructive addiction to hard drugs.

Most Haunted

Most Haunted Motorbikes

'I'm gonna hit the highway like a battering ram on a silver black Phantom bike'. So sang Mr Meat Loaf on the legendary LP Bat out of hell in 1978. Which of course meant nothing to the fledgling motorcycle gang in behind Earlsheaton comprehensive school's bike sheds. Back then we barely knew what anything other than a Yamaha Fizzie or a Suzuki AP50 was. Our knowledge of British bikes extended to the BSAs, Triumphs and Nortons that our dads and older brothers rode, but a Phantom Must have been some exotic Yankee machine.


I knew that I was definitely not out of gas because the bike did not sputter and cough, then run a bit, then sputter, cough and die. It just plain went dead in a split second. It also still had lights, so I knew I hadn't lost a battery connection. I was pretty sure it was something electrical, maybe the coil, or if I was real lucky maybe just the coil wire came loose. By now it was really dark, so I got out my Zippo lighter to start looking around and hopefully find something real simple so we could get back on the road. I checked the coil, and sure enough the coil wire was snug in place, the positive and negative wires tight as they should be. Just then, as my bad luck would have it, my Zippo flickered and died. Now what the hell were we going to do The whole time we were at the side of the road only a few cars passed in either direction, but I thought maybe I could use my secret weapon' Susie, to flag someone down and give us a ride into New Hope and a phone. In the pitch black I...

Bmw S1000rr

For me, riding the Aprilia was a special thing, perhaps more special than any on the WSB grid. Riding the factory Ducati or world championship-winning Yamaha is an extreme privilege, of course, but the Aprilia exudes hand-crafted specialness more than the rest. Agile, direct, fast as hell, precisely designed for the job of going fast round a track - it's a bike designed for the purpose of going round a track, much more so than any Yamaha, Honda or even Ducati. The Special One Very special, ss

Ktm 990 Sm R

Yup, it's that tetter 'R' again this time, furnishing the latest radical and racy offering from KTM, the 990 SM R. There's no more power on offer from KTM's 999cc V-twin motor, but what you do get is a hell of a lot more control. This comes in the form of some excellently specced WP forks and shock the same as found in the SM T, but with different settings), a set of train-stopping Brembo monobtoc calipers, some lush-looking land saving 1.6 kilos overall) 10-spoke Marchesini wheels and a smaller fuel tank, so the rider is brought further forward.

Gk1hy Hanoshake

Lookie here It's a once-sensible, budget-minded 29-inch one-speed that retailed new for 499. But the owner out a 1,000 Rohloff 14-speed internal gear hub on the back Then he decided it needed an obsolete upside-down downhill fork with travel reducers to really round out the package. Probably took a hell of a lot of time and money, but it sure is a fine jackalope, ain't it Too bad they don't make downhill tires for 29ers yet, huh

Whiskey I

After the usual batch of questions, the answer was ,yes it can be fixed as good as new.SO here we go again Off with the rear wheel, the fender, the scat so we can see what the hell this sawsall happy chopper guy did. The tube removal job was not bad, I will give them that. They left the two large bosses off at th base of the frame behind the trans, and cut the upper tube off flush with the frame in front of the shock mounts. Workable indeed.using the same diameter tubing as stock, it was time to do a little bending and welding and stuff. things away to make it look cool, remember it has to be structurally sound, or you are gonna get hurt, or dead. If you do not know the correct way to do it, call someone, or take it to some one that does know.one good pothole could have snapped this frame before the shocks, and there would have been no controlling the reaction, and it ain't worth getting killed, but looking cool doin it So that's that. Now I gotta fix the stuff it came in here for in...

Honda Cbr125r

That might seem a little harsh, but that's because the CBR is a bike of two halves. Well, barely two halves. I mean, look at it from behind or head on. What the hell are you paying for it's like one of those flat-fish you see swimming away from Attenborough on the telly, there's really nothing to it at all, except the longest mirror stalks in existence.

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