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Some states have legalized carrying knives. However, there are strict laws that prohibit their concealed carrying and also, certain laws ban carrying around knives of certain length and models. The pepper spray has a more gruesome story. They are banned in nearly 12 states and not to mention, they are very unreliable. In conditions where the attacker has covered their faces, pepper sprays stand useless. However, don't worry as there is still a defense product that can save you in perilous times. Developed by Patriot Wholesale Club one of the country's largest and most trusted survival/preparedness organization the Light Defender Tactical Laser is the answer to your worries. It has been developed by keeping the general US in mind the people who have been stripped off every kind of defense tactics and equipment by the so-called liberals. The power of this laser is because of the 532nm Laser Diode. This component is revered by the military for its piercing power. In fact, they have been using it in their lasers in militant hotbeds like Afghanistan and Iraq. You don't need any permit to own the laser. And you can purchase it without going through a background check. What else could you want? Read more...

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Free Hybeam Tactical Flashlight

This military-grade flashlight gives you all the power of military and law enforcement flashlights, with all of the convenience of civilian models. This light is blindly bright; the bulb is suitable for any applications that you need it for, from search operations to changing the tires on your car late at night. This flashlight also features a knobbed and beveled edge, so that it can double as a weapon in the even that you are attacked. You can light you way and defend yourself at the same time This flashlight is almost indestructible and durable; it will take the damage and punishment that you can deal out without breaking or having any breakdown. This flashlight is lightweight because the frame is made of aircraft aluminum; it is light and durable without being bulky. Use this powerful flashlight to defend yourself and light your way for the task ahead of you! Read more...

Free Hybeam Tactical Flashlight Summary

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Strikelight Tactical Flashlight

The strikelight tactical flashlight is been designed and developed by ape survival. You can visit their website at to see more of their survival products. They are well known for their consistent supply of survival tips to the entire public who require it. They give you information on how to secure the safety of your life and also your belongings. Survival tips on various events such as hiking, camping, wild-life excursions, home invasion and so on are all provided to you by Ape survival as well as the tools needed to ensure your safety and assist you in your procedures. This wonderful product is one of their many safety tools that they make available to anyone who requires them. The strikelight tactical flashlight is designed as a personal use weapon to protect you from danger. It comes with three different bonuses, these are elite survival guides. The first one is called Plan B defense to guide you on how to perform self-defense actions and protect yourself. The second is the 30 day survival which is an escape plan manual that will assist you when it comes to an escape situation and the third is the wild scavenger that gives you tips on how to survive when you go on scavenger hunts. Read more...

Strikelight Tactical Flashlight Summary

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Instrument Panel Signal Lights

Should oil circulation signal fail to go OFF at speeds above idling, it is most likely due to empty oil tank oil supply badly diluted, or using very light grade of oil and pump not building up normal pressure if freezing weather, oil feed pipe may be clogged with ice or sludge. However, it may be grounded oil signal switch wire, faulty signal switch or oil pump in bad order. Give due attention to oil supply and, if signal still does not operate normally, check to see if oil returns to tank. To do this, remove oil tank cap and, with engine running, look for pulsating return of oil. A small flashlight is an aid in making this check. If oil is returning, motorcycle can be driven slowly, but no further than absolutely necessary before checking and servicing oiling system. If oil is not returning, do not drive further before having the fault corrected as engine is likely to be damaged.

Heritage Softail Classic

HEADLAMP TRIM RING This Heritage Softail Classic is a perfect blend of old and new, featuring Headlamp, Passing Lamp and Turn Signal Trim Rings, Wide Beach Handlebar and 100th Anniversary Tank Panel, with old-school looks courtesy of the Nostalgic and Classic Chrome Collections. HEADLAMP TRIM RING

Nacelle For Softail Standard

Remove Nacelle 1997 Road King

Fits Softail models equipped with the Street Stalker Headlamp Nacelle or the Chrome Headlamp Nacelle Kit. Available for models with and without passing lamps. Patented. FLSTN models equipped with the Chrome Headlamp Nacelle Kit P N 67907-96. Fits with _passi _ 58651-97A Fits '86-later FLSTC, FLSTF and FLSTN models equipped with the Chrome Headlamp Nacelle Kit P N 67907-96. Fits with 58657-97A Fits '86-later FLSTC, FLSTF and FLSTN models equipped with the Chrome Headlamp 58658-97A Fits '86-later FLSTC, FLSTF and FLSTN models equipped with the Chrome Headlamp Nacelle Kit P N 67907-96.

Yamaha 3tb Xt 600 Seat

Having to sacrifice your custom profile for trips around town. Or give a nod to the past with a Chrome Passing Lamp Kit, and then add the final detail with a matching Chrome Headlamp Nacelle. With Genuine Motor Parts and Accessories, custom Softail looks are just moments away.

Servicing Handlebar Controls

If control wire housing is to be removed, first remove grip control parts as explained above. Then, remove the small lock screw underneath handlebar, just ahead of spiral locating shoulder on bar (on left bar, this screw is under headlamp dimmer switch). After lock screw is removed and housing freed from housing clamp or clamps, it can be pushed out through end of handlebar.

Full Size Product Ion Chopper Ever Created

Console panel - Bates style headlamp - Alloy custom forward controls - Dual front discs & rear disc with twin piston calipers - Drag bars with hidden wiring - OHC Vertical Twin cylinder Liquid Cooled, twin carby performance 4 stroke electric start engine - 5 speed. Slash cut exhaust pipes

Designed From The Ground Up As The Most Innovative Retro 250 Custom Full Size Production Chopper Ever Created

Console panel - Bates style headlamp - Alloy custom forward controls - Dual front discs & rear disc with twin piston calipers - Drag bars with hidden wiring - OHC Vertical Twin cylinder Liquid Cooled, twin carby performance 4 stroke electric start engine - 5 speed, Slash cut exhaust pipes

Road King Hot Rod Headlight Ring

Softail With Passing Lights

HEADLAMP TRIM RINGS This chrome-plated headlamp trim ring extends forward, giving the headlamp assembly a Frenched look reminiscent of classic hot rod car designs by recessing the headlamp and adding the appearance of depth. Functions as a direct replacement for the Original Equipment trim ring, except when used with P N 69627-99, where it easily installs over the Original Equipment trim ring. Patented. (Does not fit with Accessory Headlamp Visor or Passing Lamp Visor.) A must-have complement to the Headlamp Trim Ring, these chrome-plated passing lamp trim rings provide the same Frenched look for passing lamps. Function as a direct replacement for the Original Equipment trim rings. Includes chrome hardware. Sold in pairs. Patented. Complete the Frenched look with these Turn Signal Trim Rings. The chrome-plated trim rings match the styling of Headlamp and Passing Lamp Trim Rings 69622-99A, 69626-99, and 69627-99. Easy to install, the kit includes two trim rings. A. HEADLAMP, PASSING...

Guskuhn And John Plmr

The Norton works story has been told recently in CBG by Peter Williams, but the company was ahead of its time when it launched what could be said to be the first factory built road-going, race replica, in the JPN. Twin headlamp fairing with a semi-integral over tank unit and huge seat hump, finished in stark white with the red and blue stripes of the John Player No 10 cigarette brand, were the neares anyone would get to a works Norton on the road.

Moto Guzzi California Vintage

Here's a rolling reminder that Moto Guzzi has been in the motorcycle business for more than 85 years. The California Vintage blends retro styling with modem performance and reliability, offering a unique Italian twist to cruiser touring. Considering its motorcop(esque) styling, complete with tall touring windscreen and auxiliary headlamps, don't be surprised if traffic slows when this black bagger patrols the highway. Beneath its old-style skin resides an up-to-date V-Twin fed by electronic fuel injection.

Ignitionlight Switch Disassembled

Adjusting Headlamp To get the greatest efficiency from headlamp and to meet the requirements of law, adjust as follows Adjustment should be made in a darkened room or at night. Have motorcycle standing on a level surface about 25 feet away from, and headed toward a wall or screen upon which a horizontal line has been drawn at exactly the same height as lamp center. Motorcycle must be resting on both wheels and front wheel must be in straight-ahead alignment. Turn light switch ON set headlamp dimming switch (on handlebar) in high beam position, and check light beam for height and direction. The top of main beam of light should register on wall or screen even with, but no higher than, the horizontal line mentioned. After loosening the clamp nut underneath lamp bracket, lamp can be tilted up or down to properly aim it in relation to horizontal line, and at the same time can be tinned right or left to direct beam of light straight ahead.

Triumph Bonneville T100

Triumph Bonneville 790 Brake Spares

For real Vcspaholics, the GTV 250 is the undisputed crcmc dc Ic crcmc of classically styled scooters. A modern fuel-injected engine and GTS-based chassis deliver solid, up-to-date performance and reliability while outwardly, the Portofino Green or Siena Ivory-painted GTV openly celebrates early Vespas. A hand-stitched leather two-piece saddle, naked chromcd handlebars and low, fender-mounted headlamp like that of the original Vespas from 1946 are just the right trimmings to bring a tear to an 'ol gal's eyes.

Chrome Billet Mini Tach Mount And Handlebar Clamp

68960-98 Fits '93-later FXDWG and '86-later FLSTC, FLSTF, FLSTN and '99-later FXSTB models with Mini-Tach P N 67946-96A. (Does not fit with Street Stalker Headlamp Nacelle.) (Does not work with Windshield P Ns 91820-85A, 57965-97A or '00-later FLSTC models equipped with stock detachable windshield.) FLSTC models require Kit P N 58155-90


Kit includes auxiliary lights with chrome housings, and the chrome mounting brackets that match the contour of the triple tree and highlight the headlamp. Kit comes complete with the necessary wiring, switch and hardware for installation. HEADLAMP TRIM RING This chrome-plated headlamp trim ring extends forward, giving the headlamp assembly a Frenched look reminiscent of classic hot rod car designs by recessing the headlamp and adding the appearance of depth. Functions as a direct replacement for the Original Equipment trim ring. Patented. Will not allow the use of Headlamp Visor. XL883 HUGGER BEFORE HEADLAMP TRIM RING XL883 HUGGER BEFORE HEADLAMP TRIM RING A. XL883 HUGGER AFTER HEADLAMP TRIM RING C.CHROME HEADLAMP BRACKET D. CHROME HEADLAMP HOUSING KIT Complete your custom Sportster transformation with this beautifully polished and chrome-plated headlamp housing. Manufactured from Original Equipment components, this chrome housing replaces the black headlamp shell. When combined with...

The Chassis

The minimalist alloy top yoke was with the bike but the original magnetic instruments were changed for period chronometrics, restored by A Pople. There is a discreet oil pressure gauge nestling between the clocks too. The adjustable dip-ons are via Disco Volante and the front brake lever has a micro switch which activates the brake light, as well as the normal foot pedal. The headlamp is neat, and certainly different. Andy dislikes brackets, so took a Westfield car headlamp, with its base stem fitting and had a mounting lug welded to the bottom yoke. Job done.

Open Sesame

Once I had the headlamp out, I tapped the two headlamp wires to the new transmitter's wires with the blue Posi-Tap connectors. Then I tucked the new transmitter behind the bulb and it fit right in place. If it doesn't fit in your headlamp bucket, there are options to mount it elsewhere depending on your application. I then replaced the bulb back into the headlamp receptacle and tightened down the ring. Done

First Ride

Ducati is justly proud that what you see is what you get in terms of materials, and there are almost no plastic parts. Or the LED running lights set horizontally across the single Porsche-esque headlamp, matched by the incredibly bright LED turn signals and tail-lights that are practically invisible when not illuminated. Or the so-distinctive single-sided aluminum license-plate mount with integrated LED that doubles as a rear fender, while matching the cast aluminum single-sided swingarm it's mounted to. Or the trademark trellis frame, the cast aluminium clutch and brake fluid reservoirs, the keyless Harley-type security system - the list goes on and on.

Price Engine

Kawasaki's long-serving KLR650 is powered by a liquid-cooled 651 cc single that should give reliable service for many years. The large fairing provides good wind protection, and the dual-bulb headlamp throws a strong beam of light. Further aiding road-going capability (compared to its predecessor) are reduced suspension travel and much better brakes. CC contributor Tom Grenon has used his KLR to explore the Baja Peninsula and South America.


Occasionally there's an item that perhaps you've never really thought too much about while toiling in your workshop -until you get one and then you wonder how you ever managed without it. This terrific little Clarke Headlight, from Machine Mart, is one such item. I bought one a couple of years ago and it's one of the best investments I've ever made and use-wise has probably paid for itself many times over. I've found it quite invaluable when working on the bikes, poking around Inside the toolbox, Inside among the points, inside the headlamp shell etc, it shines exactly where you want the light, is incredibly bright and being on an elastic strap around your forehead, it leaves both hands free to do whatever needs doing It's also jolly useful to keep in your jacket pocket when you've a journey to make at night either on the bike or on foot The lens is about an inch (25mm) diameter but contains no less than 19 LEDs and has tour different settings, one central pinspot LED, seven central...


The Cross Bones, the Motor Company's badass styling statement, returns for a fourth year The springer fork and sdo saddle are complemented by tie ape-hanger handlebar, glass black headlamp, slash-cut mufflers and tall-for-a-crjiser 760 mm seat height. The Cross Bones is powered by I larley's fiel-injectedTwin Cam V-twin and hits the road on black, laced steel 16-inch front and 17-inch rear whee s. Base price is for black, with three colour options available fa 22,229.


NHTSA Recalwl No. 10V180000 Manufacturer Big Dog Motorcycles Models 2004 Bulldog, Chopper, Mastiff, Ridgeback, Boxer, Pitbull Number of units involved 1895 Problem On these motorcycles, there could be a loose connection between the wiring harness connector and the electronic controller. This condition may cause an intermittent loss of electrical power to various components, which can lead to loss of headlamp function or a vehicle stall, increasing the risk of a crash. Remedy Dealers will inspect and repair the motorcycles free ot charge. Owners not receiving this remedy can call Big Dog at 316 219-9121.


Light and headlamp lighted (headlamp on upper light beam) is standard factory setting. If motorcycle is used without radio, remove resistor from generator relay and switch terminals, and adjust charging rate to a maximum of about 4 to 5 amperes with the above standard equipment lamps lighted.

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Russell Mitchell from Exile Cycles approves this new headlamp from Dutch machine shop manufacturers SJP, and is the exclusive distributor for its parts. This taillamp is machined from solid chunks of billet and features a 3 1 2-inch diameter lens and comes either polished or black anodized. If you've ever seen one of Greg's frontends, you know the company is capable of producing some pretty wicked stuff. This headlight, made from billet with a chrome bezel and gloss, wrinkle or matte black powdercoated finish spiked bucket is another example. Measuring in at 4 1 2 inches in diameter and 7 inches deep from end to end this headlamp is aggressively styled. Greg's Custom Cycles (727) 461-4840

Illus 107

Note With this method of wiring, when spotlamps are turned ON, headlamp is automatically turned OFF and vice-versa. 17. JUNCTION TERMINAL C ronf terminal left side, in headlamp bracket) Cable C green wire Cable E green wire from handlebar toggle switch (38). Note Loom D red wire with black tracer is connected to this terminal for Standard Equipment Lighting System, but when installing spotlamps, it is disconnected from this terminal and reconnected to junction terminal (31). 31. JUNCTION TERMINAL (side terminal left side, in headlamp bracket) Cable E red wire from toggle switch (38) loom D red wire with black tracer. 32. JUNCTION TERMINAL (side terminal right side, in headlamp bracket) Black wires from spotlamps (35) and (37) Cable E black wire from toggle switch (38).

Vespa S 150S

Say Vespa. and most folks think of Roman Holiday and Gregory Peck, but these new models trade on mod designs from the 60s and '70s. Funky rectangular mirrors and headlamps recall Warhol and Fellini, and the solo racing-style scat (a two-up saddle is optional) stirs up Moto Giro rally fantasies. Mechanically, the 150 is similar to the LX and LXV models. Also available The S 50, basically the same scoot but with an all-new fuel-injected engine that Vespa says is the most powerful 50cc four-stroke scooter motor on the market.


BMWRllOOS 11 2002,55,500 kms, QLD rego till 6 11, All books and service history. Full Remus exhaust with adjustable tune up module, also STD pipes. BMWr panniers, Ventura headlamp protector and bag. Sheepskin seat cover. Excellent condition, selling due to purchase of GS.VC 496 UBMI755621) 0412 620 910 QLD 10,500 ono

All Credit Cards

In further homage to racing machinery, the suspension at both ends sported exposed chrome springs and the previous shrouds were consigned to history. The heavy headlamp design seen on the TM, TA, TB and TC also got the heave-ho and for the first time a Suzuki 250 ran both a speedo and tacho in this instance the pair cohabiting in a combined unit that sat neatly in the headlamp. The bike also received top drawer brakes with a serious TLS unit in the front end.

Aprilia MXV

Striking a balance between a small, urban-friendly scooter and a big, highway-capable maxi-mobile, the Sportcity rolls on 15-inch wheels for stability but has a short wheelbase for quick and easy maneuverability. Inset turnsignals and dual headlamps contribute to the sporty, modern styling, while pre-load-adjustable dual shocks make sure you'll get the right ride, whether loaded and two-up or solo. The built-in tinted windscreen should be fine for city use, but for those looking to travel the highways, a taller windscreen and rear luggage case are offered as options.

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