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The Fast Bikes Legal Clinic is compiled by Andrew Dalton, and his bike riding barristers and solicitors at White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors.

They deal with personal injurydaims andtheirsister company, Motor Defence Team, deals with all the motoring offences. They know everything about bike law. Andrewis a former London motorbike courier turned barrister and solicitor, and we know he's good. All the White Dalton lawyers are qualified barristers and they all have full bike licences -they ride in the real world too. They don't act forinsurance companies or the prosecution. They are Britain's most speciaist law practice, and if they don't know the ai iswer Lu yuur quesLiori, there probably isn't one. Don't rely on the advice from your insurance appointed solicitor, get properindependent advice.

For road traffic offences call Motor Defence Team 0800 280 0912


For non-offence cases call White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors 0800 783 6191

Visit their websites wh'

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