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Titan truck Bed Rack

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Taylormade Racing, Inc., 7712 Gloria Ave. #3, Van Nays, CA 91406; 8181781-8123; www.racetaylormade.com


MotoGP-Style Exhaust

" More power, less weight and maximum style" are the claims behind Taylormade's new MotoGP-style slip-on exhaust system for the 2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000. Claimed to be 18 pounds lighter than the stock setup, the stainless-steel, under-engine canister is coated with a heat-retaining Cool Ceramic Technology finish. Sculpted carbon-fiber panels come in a natural semi-matte finish that complements the stock bodywork. Muffler and carbon-fiber trim retail for S845; adding a pre-mapped Dynojet Power Commander V ups the price to $1125.

Taylormade Racing, Inc., 7712 Gloria Ave. #3, Van Nays, CA 91406; 8181781-8123; www.racetaylormade.com

IASUS XSound 2

Turn the inside of your helmet into a bass-thumping mobile concert hall with IASUS XSound 2 speakers ($50). Less than 2 inches in diameter and just half an inch thick, these circular designs are claimed to fit comfortably in the ear pockets of most modern full- and open-face helmets. A detachable connection cable features a built-in volume control and is compatible with all devices that use a 3.5mm audio jack. IASUS also offers the lower-rated XSound Juniors ($30).

IASUS Concepts; www.iasus-concepts.com

Iasus Xsound

Two Brothers Racing, 401 S. Grand Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92705; 800/211-2767; www.twobros.com

Two Brothers Racing

M7 and M2R Slip-On Mufflers

Are you looking for a lightweight, performance-enhancing replacement muffler for your 2010 Yamaha YZ250F or YZ450F? Two Brothers Racing offers two options: M7 ($370, aluminum; $530, carbon-fiber) and M2R ($450, aluminum; $600, carbon-fiber). The M2R features the company's Ridiculously Easy Maintenance design that allows repacking without having to remove the muffler from the bike or resort to drilling out and replacing traditional pop-rivets. Applications for late-model Hondas, KTMs, Kawasakis and Suzukis are available, as well.

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Now when you buy a Garmin zumo" 220,550,660 or 665 motorcycle GPS navigator, you can get a S100 online rebate. Designed by bikers for bikers, zumos are tough. So tough, if you're willing to ride through it, your zumo will go through it with you. With glove-friendly touchscreens and accurate spoken directions that announce street names. They even compute trip information like travel speed, compass direction, and fuel use. Use a zumo on any bike, in any vehicle and even while walking.

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