Brake Pads You Know From Names You Depend On


The HEW j-/sene! with Greater Rigidity

Available in Gold, Stiver or Unplated Steel Color

D.I.D is proud to introduce the new ZVM-X Super Street Series with increased rigidity for better power transfer and greater resistance to stretching under load. This translates to smoother handling, quicker response time and overall improved performance.

Ducati teammate Casey Stoner (27) and Honda title-rival Dani Pedrosa (26) are two of the series' smallest riders. "Weight matters for aerodynamics, fuel consumption, braking" said Hayden. "Look at Pedrosa: His hands and feet are so small. I'd trade him right now—happily."

Supersport championship a couple times by a point or two. I relate well to guys who have been there and felt the bullets fly.

I'm going to miss Livio. He was a huge part of the team—a real workaholic. He wanted to make sure things were done right, but too much stuff got put on his plate. After a few years of that kind of effort, I think he was just worn out.

At the first test in Malaysia, something wasn't right with my arm. I couldn't do more than about four laps at a time; I didn't have strength to brake. I've had arm-pump surgery before, back when I raced in the AMA series, and, apparently, scar tissue had developed around the muscle.

Fifteen days before the second test in Malaysia, I flew to Spain and got cleaned up. My arm was in a sling up until two or three days before the test, but the doctor gave me the green light to ride. It's not like he was mending a bone; he just cut out scar tissue.

At the test, about every hour, I had to open the bandage to let the fluid that had built up in the wound drain out. We joked that I had a valve; I'd uncover it and the fluid would drip out. But I would be lying if I said it slowed me down. I've ridden with worse pain, that's for sure.

Malaysia is a special track; that's why we test there. It has so much of everything—a couple of bumpy corners, three or four hard-braking sections,

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