By John Burns

I know Mark Cernicky, I have been on the track with Mark Cernicky, and you, sir, are (probably) no Mark Cernicky. Cernicky was a top privateer in 600 and 750cc AMA national roadracing once upon a time and won a slew of supermoto championships after that. The two guys who went quicker than MC at MasterBike are professional racers and ringers, and the three next fastest riders behind him were no slouches, either. MasterBike being all about speed and swarthy Spanish bulls with big horns and ail that, those "Fast Six" guys are what the results are based upon, and in a test of outright speed and performance, that's as it should be.

That leaves nine other riders who are also probably faster than most of us—but by a closing speed that would be less harrowing—and as a result, their times are probably more realistic and telling for those of us who don't race every month or get in 10 trackdays a year. The average "Fast Six" lap over all nine bikes was 2:04.86. The average "Slow Nine" lap was 2:11.72.

Some old speed truths always bob to the surface. One of them is: More horsepower only helps if you can use it. The Fast Six went, on average, 1.3 seconds faster around Moto

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