> .as from companies with whom it has longstanding relationships. Cycle World has a history with Attack Performance: Company principal Richard Stanboli served as the crew chief for two CW-backed Daytona 200 race efforts ("Assault on Daytona," June, 1994; "Daytona DNF," June, 1995) with staff ace Don Canet in the saddle.

American Superbike-spec engines and technical support for the EMPro engine-management system will be supplied by Yoshimura Racing via its new engine lease program. In theory, this turn-key S1400-per-doubleheader-race-weekend package provides privateers with performance on par with that of GSX-Rs campaigned last season by Rockstar Makita Yoshimura Suzuki riders Tommy Hayden and Blake Young. Series-spec Sunoco fuel and Dunlop tires remove two equally critical variables from the competition equation; say what you will about a control tire, but it is the equalizer.

Cameron Beaubier will handle riding duties. The 4

17-year-old American &

competed in the Red Bull r MotoGP Rookies Cup series in 2007, winning the race in Germany and finishing on the podium in Holland and Portugal. In 2008, he joined the Spanish national championship as part of the Red experience, having ridden the conservatively built Twins of Mel Dinesen. We had a chain failure at Daytona and broke a second gear at Loudon. Then at Talladega, Jim was very fast and his bike went straight. Others did not— Dave Smith, after a 160-mph high-speed weave, sat white-faced and clearly shaking in his lawn chair. I saw Don Castro's feet flung off the pegs of his factory bike as it hit violent weave past start/finish. The problem? A little groove for a wire circlip in the fork dampers needed to be 0.005-inch deeper. When the fixing bolt at the bottom of each fork leg was tightened at the factory, the circlip popped

Bull MotoGP Academy. Beaubier made his World Championship debut last year with the Red Bull KTM 125cc team; his best placing was 14th in Germany. Back in the U.S. this past March, Beaubier won the AMA Pro Supersport season opener at Daytona on a Rockwall Performance Yamaha YZF-R6. Kevin Schwantz, the 1993 500cc World Champion, has agreed to coach Beaubier in his Superbike debut.

At the conclusion of the project, the ready-to-race Team Cycle World Attack Performance Yoshimura Suzuki AMA Pro American Superbike will be raffled off, with all proceeds going to the Cycle World Joseph C. Parkhurst Education Fund to benefit the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation's scholarship program for brain-tumor survivors.

Join Team CWat the racetrack!

—Matthew Miles

Privateer Project: (Left) Drudi Performance penned striking graphics for Team Cycle World GSX-R1000. (Above) Attack Performance's Richard Stanboli and CW Road Test Editor Don Canet discuss Daytona strategy back in 1994. (Below) CW. Superbike recruit Cameron Beaubier hustles Rockwall Performance Yamaha YZF-R6 to victory at Daytona.

out, making the dampers inoperative.

Jim was third on Sunday, behind two factory bikes. He was third again at Ontario Motor Speedway, after briefly leading one of the two legs. Ahead of him? Two factory Yamahas. At the teardown, we saw the fourth-place bike, leaned against the wall in a hallway. It was Barry Sheene's factory Suzuki. Jim Evans had distinguished himself. Not bad for a 750 beginner, on a bike bought for cash, in a world free of "A-kits," special chips ("Chip? What's a chip?") and GPS-linked control electronics.

—Kevin Cameron

GSX-R" screamed this month's cover. "For sheer performance, the GSX-R can't be beaten. It's quicker and faster than the FZ750, if not by much," concluded the comparison. "But if you're looking beyond a race, or past the Sunday morning ride, the FZ750 is the best sportbike available."

• Also tested in this issue: the Honda VT1100 Shadow ("The latest chapter in America's V-Twin love affair") and KTM 500 MXC ("The shortest distance from the track to the trail runs through Austria").

• Peter Egan traveled to Ireland with I^Sbrf.^ywjjj his wife, Barbara, I and it's no wonder I Mai that the resulting I six-page feature, Mnuofn* mum»«.™ "The Emerald Tour: Ireland on i Five Gallons a j S Day," remains I ^ a CW favorite. I - ' , ~ _ "It's fascinating 4r' V to wander the I . streets of a for- I • ' eign town and i , -

great grandparents walking down to the docks and sailing off to a new life in America," Egan wrote. "My own relatives ended up in Minnesota, apparently because Ireland wasn't cold enough for them, or had too few mosquitoes."

• Retiring 64-year-old Harley-Da-vidson factory race-team manager Dick O'Brien was profiled by Dave Despain. "O'Brien was the general who led his orange-and-black-clad troops of Harley-Davidson against a succession of European and Japanese challengers," noted Despain. "His brigades turned back Norton, Triumph, BSA and Yamaha before meeting the fiercest adversary of them all—Honda."

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