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V Eddie (FL) I'm telling you, this 10X has made me a happy man. It has brought me more joy than anything in the world. These women come up to me and say 'it ought to be against the law for a man to smell that good.' Even lady bartenders come around from behind the bar to give me a hug. I have had stranger women stop me in the post office and say 'what do you have on, it smells so good.' Its unbelievable doc. I am telling you you have made me happy! Thanks. I appreciate the work you have done."

ATHENA PHEROMVNES: The Gold Standards»™i993"

Created by Winnifred Cutler, Ph.D. in biology j from U. of Penn, post-doc at Stanford. Co-discovered human pheromones in 19861 (Time 12/1/86; and Newsweek 1/12/87).

Athena 10X is designed to enhance your sex-appeal. Vial of 1/6 oz. added to 2-3 oz. of cologne or aftershave lasts 4 to 6 months, or use straight. Contains synthesized human sex-attractant pheromones. Effective for 74% in 8 week published scientific study. Not guaranteed to work for all, since body chemistries differ, but will work for most. Cosmetics not aphrodisiacs. Not in störet Call (610) 827-2200 - Order online or send to: Athena Institute, Dept CWju 1211 Braefield Rd. Chester Springs, PA 19425

£ Oder Chine Today - Discount *CW

Stop Wjitinq Money on Messy Spray Lubes 1'

£ Oder Chine Today - Discount *CW

Stop Wjitinq Money on Messy Spray Lubes 1'

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