Ktm Rc8r


Ducati 1198S Corse


Suzuki GSX-R1000


Kawasaki ZX-10R


Yamaha YZF-R1


Average 2:11.72

almost like a list of these bikes' power-to-weight ratios. Óscar Peña, another Fast Six guy, said the BMW had the worst

Aragon on the BMW than on the next-fastest Aprilia, quite a gap considering all nine bikes finished within a 3.4-second window. Technically speaking, these guys were "giving it the whip in top cog." When you're a fast guy, the question is less, How fast can I go? than it is, How fast will the bike go?

Freddy Papunen, the fastest of all, says in his notes that the BMW has the best power and electronics, and the worst brakes of the bunch, but he set the fastest time of the test on it anyway, a 1:59.927. Then he went about 1.5 seconds slower on the Ducati, followed closely by the Kawasaki (harrumph, Freddy is sponsored by Kawasaki this year), the KTM, the Suzuki, the MV Agusta, the Honda and finally the Aprilia in eighth place—even though Papunen's notes say the RSV4 Factory has the best engine and chassis and was the most fun to ride (he didn't like its rear suspension). Except for the red-herring Aprilia, in fact, Papunen's lap time rankings read

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¡Ami's Sfr*o*((er Organic Shed Shape.: Sih^pivj (Zoh^piex

/Arai's enhanced organic shed shape is faore naturally aerodynamic, designed to flow" better with the wind, aiding stability and stiffness at speed. It's Sh^allcr, so it looks better on your head buy conforming more to your head's natural shape. If Sea is better, to further reduce noise, which advances /Arai's legendary comfort even more.

/And, unique in a worid of mass production, /Arai's sheii shapes are stiff meticulously hand-sculpted by /Arat' craftsmen, not by computers. (/Arai believes human hands create human solutions; computers create mathematical solutions. Our customers are human.)

JLjJ With no stockholders or Boards of "Directors inciting for more production &nd profits, the /Arai family can concentrate on its obsession with buifding a better helmet. If your family's name was on your helmet, how good would you build if?

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