ignations; and, the story goes, since the first letter of Cub is a "C," those bikes were simply called CI00, CA100, CI02 and so on. C then became the first-letter designation for most Honda streetbikes, including the original CB72/77 Hawk/ Super Hawk, the CL72/77 250/305 Scrambler, the CB/CL350, the CB750 Four, the CX500/650 transverse V-Twins and even today with the CBR1000RR and CBR600RR. There have been exceptions—such as the S90 and S65 Singles of the 1960s, the SL "Moto-sport" series, the VFR V-Fours, the GL Gold Wing flat-Sixes, the VT/VTX V-Twin cruisers, etc.—as well as a few other inconsistencies in the naming protocol. But otherwise, "CB" has remained the first two call letters for the company's inline-Four and vertical-Twin street models.

Numerous motorcycles over the past half-century have had "Z," "Y" and "X" in their names (the Suzuki X-6 and Yamaha YDS3 of the 1960s, for example; the Kawasaki Z-l and Yamaha XS series of the '70s), so it's difficult to pinpoint exactly when the "cool" model designations you refer to came into vogue. Kawasaki may have gotten the ball rolling with its GPz series of the early 1980s, but with the landmark GSX-R750 in 1985, Suzuki shifted the trend into high gear. Lots of X-Y-Z model names soon became prominent— Kawasaki with ZX, ZRX and ZX-R, Yamaha with YZF600R, YZF-R1/R6 and FZ1/FZ6, and Suzuki even adding GSX (minus the -R) nomenclature to a few non-repli-racer models.

Whether or not any of these names are cooler than others is purely a matter of opinion. Besides, the motorcycle is what provides the real joy, not its name. □

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