Always use new circlips and

• Position the gearshift cam in the neutral position as shown. This will allow the gearshift forks and transmission gears to be installed easily.

• Install the gearshift forks into the crankcase in the correct position and direction. ® For the 6th (top) driven gear ® For the 3rd/4th drive gear (D For the 5th driven gear

• Hold the gearshift forks © by hand when installing the gearshift fork shaft

• Install the bearing pins (D and C-rings @ into the upper crankcase.

* Install the countershaft assembly © and driveshaft assembly © into the upper crankcase.


* Be sure to install the bearing dowel pins 0 in their respective positions.

* Install the countershaft end cap in the proper position

* Make sure that the countershaft assembly turns freely while holding the driveshaft assembly. If it does not turn freely, turn the gearshift cam to the neutral position.


Before installing the crankshaft journal bearings, make sure that the oil jets (D in the upper crankcase are not clogged.

(D Oil jet (4 pes) In the upper crankcase

• When installing the crankshaft journal bearings into the upper and lower crankcases, be sure to install the tab ® first, and then press in the opposite side of the bearing. (CIF3-84)

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