Carburetor Construction

Vmax Air Screw

@ Air vent joint pipe

@ Air vent hose

® Fuel filter

@ Starter (enricher) plate

@ Throttle stop screw

® Carburetor heater (For E-02)

@ Purge hose joint pipe (For E-33)

© Jet needle stopper @ Jet needle © Diaphragm/Piston valve © Needle jet ® Needle jet holder © Main jet © Pilot screw ® Pilot jet

® Starter (enricher) plunger ® Gasket (O-ring) © Float chamber ® Drain screw ® Vacuum inlet cap ® Vacuum hose (for fuel valve) ® Carburetor set shaft (Upper and Lower) ® TPS (Throttle position sensor)

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  • stephanie
    What is carberter joint for consraction?
    3 years ago

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