Compression Pressure Check

The compression pressure reading of a cylinder is a good indicator of its internal condition. The decision to overhaul the cylinder is often based on the results of a compression test. Periodic maintenance records kept at your dealership should include compression readings for each maintenance service.



1 000 - 1 500 kPa / 10 - 15 kgf/cm2 \ \ 142-213 psi /



Low compression pressure can indicate any of the following conditions:

* Excessively worn cylinder walls

* Worn piston or piston rings

* Piston rings stuck in grooves

* Poor valve seating

* Ruptured or otherwise defective cylinder head gasket

Overhaul the engine in the following cases:

* Compression pressure in one of the cylinders is less than 800 kPa (8 kgf/cm2, 114 psi).

* The difference in compression pressure between any two cylinders is more than 200 kPa (2 kgf/cm2, 28 psi).

* All compression pressure readings are below 1 000 kPa (10 kgf/cm2, 142 psi) even when they measure more than 800 kPa (8 kgf/cm2, 114 psi).



* Before testing the engine for compression pressure, make sure that the cylinder head nuts are tightened to the specified torque values and the valves are properly adjusted.

* Have the engine warmed-up before testing.

* Make sure that the battery is fully-charged.

Remove the related parts and test the compression pressure in the following manner.

* Remove all of the spark plugs.

* Install the compression gauge and adaptor in the spark plug hole. Make sure that the connection is tight.

* Keep the throttle grip in the fully opened position.

* Press the starter button and crank the engine for a few seconds. Record the maximum gauge reading as the cylinder compression.

* Repeat this procedure with the other cylinders.

ItSSlI 09915-64510: Compression gauge set 09915-63310: Adaptor

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