Conrodcrankshaft Inspection


Measure the conrod small end inside diameter using the small bore gauge.

If the conrod small end inside diameter exceeds the service limit, replace the conrod.

froh 09900-20602: Dial gauge (1/1000 mm)

09900-22403: Small bore gauge (18-35 mm)

B Conrod small end I.D.

Service Limit: 18.040 mm (0.7102 in)


Check the conrod big end side clearance using the thickness gauge. If the clearance exceeds the limit, measure the conrod big end width and crank pin width.

If any of the measurements are out of specification, replace the defective part(-s).

tro5il 09900-20803: Thickness gauge

ESP Conrod big end side clearance Service Limit: 0.3 mm (0.01 in)

froh 09900-20205: Micrometer (0 - 25 mm) 09900-20605: Dial calipers (10-34 mm)

P5H Conrod big end width

Standard: 20.95 - 21.00 mm (0.825 - 0.827 in) Ml Crank pin width

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