Description Generator With Ic Regulator

The generator features a solid-state regulator that is mounted inside the generator. All regulator components are enclosed into a solid mold, and this unit is attached to the brush holder frame. The regulator voltage setting cannot be adjusted.

Two brushes carry current through the two slip rings to the rotor coil which is mounted on the rotor. The stator windings are assembled on the inside of a laminated core that forms part of the generator housing. A rectifier bridge, which is connected to the stator windings, contains eight diodes, and electrically changes the stator A.C. voltage to D.C. voltage which appears at the generator output terminal.

Ignition switch

77" 77

© Rotor © Rotor coil © Stator coil © Slip rings © Brushes © IC regulator © Brush holder

B : Battery terminal IG: Ignition terminal F : Rotor coil terminal P : Stator coil terminal E : Ground



Battery overcharges

• Faulty IC regulator

• Faulty battery

• Poor contact of generator lead wire coupler

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