Do not damage the Teflon coated surface of the inner tubes slide metal when mounting it

• Install the oil lock piece ©, outer tube slide metal (D, oil seal retainer (3) and oil seal @ onto the inner tube.


When installing the oil lock piece, insert the tapered end ® of the oil lock piece into the inner tube ©.

Check the installation of the spring © when reassemble the oil lock piece.

• Insert the inner tube into the outer tube and install the oil seal © using the special tool.

ItoSlI 09940-52861: Front fork oil seal installer

• Install the oil seal stopper ring (7). A CAUTION

Make sure that the oil seal stopper ring is fitted securely.

• Install the dust seal

• Install the front fork protecter NOTE:

Fit the projection of the front fork protecter to the depression of the front fork outer tube.


• Apply THREAD LOCK "1342" © to the cylinder bolt and tighten it to the specified torque using a 6-mm hexagon wrench and the special tools.

[H) 09940-34520: T-Handle

09940-34531: Attachment (A)


Use a new damper rod bolt gasket (2) to prevent oil leakage.


• Pour the specified fork oil into the inner tube.

Fork oil type: Fork oil #10

<orkJ 99000-99044-10G: SUZUKI FORK OIL #10

B Capacity (each leg):

510 ml (17.2/18.0 US/Imp oz) The other countries

• Hold the front fork in a vertical position and adjust the fork oil level using the special tool.

ifsh 09943-74111: Fork oil level gauge

112 mm (4.4 in) The other countries


When adjusting the oil level, remove the fork spring and compress the inner tube fully.


• Install the fork spring as shown. NOTE:

The end of the fork spring with the smaller pitch ® should be at the bottom of the front fork.

» When remounting the front fork, align the upper surface of the inner tube with the upper surface of the steering stem upper bracket.

• Tighten the front fork lower pinch bolts ©.

[5 Front fork lower pinch bolt (T):

• Tighten the front fork cap bolt (2) and front fork upper pinch bolt

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