Engine Disassembly And Reassembly

a caution

Identify the position of each removed part. Organize the parts in their respective groups (e.g., intake, exhaust) so that they can be reinstalled in their original positions.


• Remove each PAIR valve pipe and hose.

Catalog Oil Pump Suzuki Gsf 600

• Remove the oil filter © using the special tool. 1to5l1 09915-40610: Oil filter wrench


Refer to page 2-10 for installation procedures.

09915 40610 Oil Filter Wrench

• Remove the left and right oil hoses

Ito5lI 09911-73730: 5 mm "T" type hexagon wrench

Herohonda Engine Reassemble

(Sj 09914-25811: 6 mm "T" type hexagon wrench

Bandit Engine

• Remove the signal generator cover ©.

ifsh 09911-73730: 5 mm "T" type hexagon wrench

Signal Generator Cover Suzuki Bandit 600

• Remove all of the spark plugs.

• Turn the crankshaft clockwise and align the "T" mark on the signal generator rotor with the center of the pickup coil. Also, position the notches (2) on the right end of each camshaft as shown.

Gsf Bandit 600 Fuel Tap Positions Bandit Cam Chain Adjustment

• After removing the spring holder bolt @ and spring ©, remove the cam chain tensioner ©.

It55l1 09911-73730: 5 mm "T" type hexagon wrench

Xvs650 Cam Chain Tensioners

• Remove the camshaft journal holders. NOTE:

Be sure to loosen the camshaft journal holder bolts evenly and in a crisscross pattern.

• Remove the intake ® and exhaust camshafts NOTE:

See page 3-49 for camshaft inspection.

Yamaha 750 Nockenwelle Mark Bandit Engine Straight Twelve Cylinder

• The cylinder head can be removed when its twelve 10-mm nuts are removed.


When loosening the cylinder head nuts, loosen each nut little by little, in descending order, according to the numbers cast on the cylinder head.

Straight Twelve CylinderCylinder For Suzuki Gsf 650 Bandit

• Firmly grip the cylinder head at both ends and lift it straight up. If the cylinder head does not come off, lightly tap on the finless portions of it using a plastic mallet.

a caution"

Be careful not to damage the fins when removing or handling the cylinder head.


See page 3-52 for cylinder head servicing.

• Remove the cylinder head gasket (3), O-rings @ and dowel pins

Straight Twelve Cylinder






T fi y i


Gsx 600 1994 Oil Pipe Seal

Remove the left and right oil pipes ©.

Remove the cylinder base nut

• Firmly grip the cylinder block at both ends and lift it straight up. If the cylinder block does not come off, lightly tap on the finless portions of it using a plastic mallet.


Be careful not to damage the fins when removing or handling the cylinder block.

Suzuki Tools 09920 34810

• Scribe the cylinder number on the head of the respective pistons.

Bandit Coil Leads

• Place a clean rag over the cylinder to prevent any parts from falling into the crankcase.

• Draw out each piston pin and remove the pistons.


See page 3-64 for piston and cylinder inspection.

Yamaha 600 3tb Piston

• Remove the starter motor

Remove Starter Motor Z750 Suzuki Bandit Generator

• Remove the signal generator rotor (I) using the special tool. fro5h 09900-00410: Hexagon wrench set

Generator Rotor Bandit

• Disconnect the oil pressure switch lead wire

• Remove the signal generator stator (along with the pickup coil) (5) and oil pressure switch ©.

09911 73730

• Remove the clutch cover

ItoSlI 09911-73730: 5 mm "T" type hexagon wrench

(toSl) 09911-73730: 5 mm "T" type hexagon wrench

Draw Pin Clutch Cover Rzr

• Hold the starter clutch using the special tool and loosen the clutch spring set bolts in a crisscross pattern. Then, remove the bolts.

It55l1 09920-34810: Starter clutch holder

2011 Harley Starter Clutch

• Remove the clutch pressure plate clutch drive plates and clutch driven plates.


See page 3-68 for the clutch plate inspection.

Disassemble Suzuki Bandit Clutch Plates

• Remove the thrust washer clutch release bearing @ and clutch push piece

Primary And Secondary Clutch Sleeve

Hold the clutch sleeve hub using the special tool and then remove the nut.

U) 09920-53740: Clutch sleeve hub holder

Remove the washer ©, washer seat (2) and clutch sleeve hub

Remove the thrust washer

With the spacer and bearing removed, the primary driven gear assembly can disengage from the primary drive gear. Remove the primary driven gear assembly along with the generator/oil pump drive gears.

Yamaha Gear Driven Primary Drive

Remove the thrust washer

Starter Motor Circlip Removal

• Remove the circlip and washer from the gearshift shaft. ItoSlI 09900-06107: Snap ring pliers

froal 09900-06107: Snap ring pliers

• Draw out the gearshift shaft ©, and then remove the gearshift cam driven gear (D.

rfsh 09900-09004: Impact driver set


When removing the gearshift cam driven gear, do not lose the gearshifting pawl (3), pin @ and spring ©.

Starter Gear Replacement Yamaha Sr250

• Remove the washers (Z), oil pump driven gear ® and pin (D. NOTE:

Do not lose the circlip, pin and the washers.

• Remove the starter idle gear ® and its shaft

• Hold the starter clutch assembly using the special tool and then loosen the starter clutch mounting bolt.

Ito5l1 09920-34810: Starter clutch holder


Do not remove the starter clutch mounting bolt at this stage, only loosen it. You will need to use it in conjunction with the special tool when removing the starter clutch assembly.

Starter Clutch Assembly Yamaha Fz6

• Remove the starter clutch assembly © from the crankshaft using the special tool.

1to5l1 09930-33720: Rotor remover


See page 3-69 for the starter clutch inspection.

Suzuki 09930 33720Harley Davidson Starter Solenoid Issue

• Remove the O-ring switch contact (D and spring ©. NOTE:

Do not lose the O-ring, switch contact and spring.

• Remove the countershaft bearing retainer (3).

• Remove the upper crankcase bolts and nut.

Engine Disassembly And Reassembly Suzuki Gsf 600 Oil Filter

• Remove the oil sump filter

Suzuki Gsf 600 Oil Filter

• Remove the lower crankcase bolts and nut.

Ring Remove Set

• Remove the main oil gallery plug © and O-ring. Ito5l1 09900-00410: Hexagon wrench set

• Loosen the crankcase bolts in descending numerical order and then remove them.


Two alien bolts are located at position ® to tighten the crankshaft.

(fsS) 09914-25811: 6 mm "T" type hexagon wrench

• Remove the oil return pipe

Make sure that all of the bolts are removed. Then, tap the sides of the lower crankcase using a plastic mallet to separate the upper and lower crankcase halves and then lift the lower crankcase off of the upper crankcase.


Do not allow the crankshaft journal bearings to drop out of the lower crankcase.


If it is difficult to separate the crankcase halves, set the proper bolt and nut to the crankcase by separating the upper and lower crankcase halves, as shown in the illustration.

* Remove the crankshaft assembly d) from the upper crankcase.


* The crankshaft thrust bearings (3) are located between the crankshaft assembly and upper crankcase.

* See page 3-79 for the crankshaft and con rod servicing.

• Remove the dampers © and cam chain tensioner guide


* Do not remove the crankshaft journal bearings unless absolutely necessary.

* Make a note of where the crankshaft journal bearings are removed from so that they can be reinstalled in their original positions.

• Remove the countershaft assembly © and driveshaft assembly ©.


See page 3-73 for the countershaft and driveshaft servicing.

Do not lose the C-rings and bearing pins.

• Unhook the gearshift cam stopper spring © from the lower crankcase.

Suzuki Bandit Drawing

• Remove the circlip (D from the gearshift cam, then draw out the gearshift cam (3) from the opposite side.

Ito5l1 09900-06107: Snap ring pliers

Bandit 600 Cam Chain Tensioner

• Remove the circlip @ and gearshift cam stopper ©. Ito5l1 09900-06107: Snap ring pliers


Rotate the bearing © in the crankcase by hand to inspect for abnormal noise and smooth rotation.

Replace the bearing if there is anything unusual.

fro5h 09900-06106: Snap ring pliers

Cam Stopper

• Remove the gearshift cam stopper bolt

• Remove the oil pump tfggh 09900-00410: Hexagon wrench set

• Remove the O-rings and dowel pins.

Oil Pump Suzuki Gsf

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