Filling Electrolyte

• Remove the aluminum tape © which seals the battery filler holes (2).

* Remove the caps ® from the electrolyte container. NOTE:

* Do not remove or pierce the sealed areas ® of the electrolyte container.

* After completely filling the battery with electrolyte, use the caps d) from the electrolyte container to seal the battery filler holes.

• Insert the nozzles of the electrolyte container © into the battery's electrolyte filler holes. Hold the electrolyte container firmly so that it does not fall. Do not allow any of the electrolyte to spill.

• Make sure that the air bubbles © rise to the top of each electrolyte container and leave the electrolyte container in this position for more than 20 minutes.


If air bubbles do not rise from any one of the filler ports, tap the bottom of the electrolyte container two or three times. Never remove the electrolyte container from the battery while there is still electrolyte in the container.

• After the electrolyte container is completely empty, remove it from the battery and wait about 20 minutes.

• Insert the caps © firmly into the filler holes so that the top of the caps do not protrude above the upper surface of the battery's top cover.

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