Fuel And Oil Recommendation

FUEL (For Canada)

1.Use only unleaded gasoline of at least 87 pump octane method or 91 octane or higher rated by the research method.

2. Suzuki recommends that customers use alcohol free, unleaded gasoline whenever possible.

3. Use of blended gasoline containing MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether) is permitted.

4. Use of blended gasoline/alcohol fuel is permitted, provided that the fuel contains not more than 10% ethanol. Gasoline/alcohol fuel may contain up to 5% methanol if appropriate cosolvents and corrosion inhibitors are present in it.

5. If the performance of the vehicle is unsatisfactory while using blended gasoline/alcohol fuel, you should switch to alcohol-free unleaded gasoline.

6. Failure to follow these guideline could possibly void applicable warranty coverage. Check with your fuel supplier to make sure that the fuel you intend to use meets the requirements listed above.

FUEL (For the others)

Gasoline used should be graded 91 octane (Research Method) or higher. An unleaded gasoline is recommended.


Use a premium quality 4-stroke motor oil to ensure longer service life of your motorcycle. Use only oils which are rated SF or SG under the API service classification.

The recommended viscosity is SAE 10W-40. If an SAE 10W-40 motor oil is not available, select an alternative according to the right chart.


Specification and classification: DOT 4

a warning

Since the brake system of this motorcycle is filled with a glycol-based brake fluid by the manufacturer, do not use or mix different types of fluid such as silicone-based and petroleum-based fluid for refilling the system, otherwise serious damage will result. Do not use any brake fluid taken from old or used or unsealed containers. Never re-use brake fluid left over from a previous servicing, which has been stored for a long period.


Use fork oil #10 or equivalent fork oil.

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