Fuel type

Use only unleaded gasoline of at least 87 pump octane or 91 octane ( ) or higher rated by the Research Method.

Gasoline containing MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether), less than 10% ethanol, or less than 5% methanol with appropriate cosolvents and corrosion inhibitor is permissible.

E-03, 28, 33

Gasoline used should be graded 91 octane or higher. An unleaded gasoline is recommended.

The other countries

Fuel tank capacity

(5.0/4.2 US/Imp gal)

(5.3/4.4 US/Imp gal)

The other countries

Reserve only

4.5 L (1.2/1.0 US/Imp gal)

Engine oil type

SAE 10W/40, API SF or SG

Engine oil capacity


3 300 ml (3.5/2.9 US/Imp qt)

Filter change

3 500 ml (3.7/3.1 US/Imp qt)


4 600 ml (4.9/4.0 US/Imp qt)

Front fork oil type

Fork oil #10

Front fork oil capacity (each leg)

506 ml (17.1/17.8 US/Imp oz)

E-03, 28, 33

510 ml (17.2/18.0 US/Imp oz)

The other countries

Brake fluid type


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