Pilot Screw Removal For with plug type

Because harsh cleaning solvents can damage the O-ring seals in the pilot system, the pilot system components should be removed before cleaning.

• Use a 1/8" size drill bit with a drill-stop to remove the pilot screw plug. Set the drill-stop 6 mm from the end of the bit to prevent drilling into the pilot screw. Carefully drill through the plug.

• Thread a self-tapping sheet metal screw into the plug. Pull on the screw head with pliers to remove the plug. Carefully clean any metal shavings from the area.

• Slowly turn the pilot screw clockwise and count the number of turns until the screw is lightly seated. Make a note of how many turns were made so the screw can be reset correctly after cleaning.

• Remove the pilot screw along with the spring, washer, and O-ring.

• After cleaning, reinstall the pilot screw to the original setting by turning the screw in until it lightly seats, and then backing it out the same number of turns counted during disassembly.

• Install a new plug by tapping it into place with a punch.

(D Plug

(D Pilot screw

@ Carburetor body

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    What thread size in pilot screw for suzuki gsf?
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