Special Tools

09920-53740 Clutch sleeve hub holder

09923-73210 Bearing remover

09923-74510 Bearing remover (20 - 35 mm)

09924-84510 Bearing installer set

09925-98221 Bearing remover

09930-10121 Sparkplug wrench set

09930-11920 Torx bit

09930-11940 Bit holder

09930-30102 Sliding shaft

09930-33720 Rotor remover

09940-14911 Steering stem nut wrench

09940-92720 Spring scale

09941-34513 Steering outer race installer

09921-20220 Bearing remover set

09941-54911 Bearing outer race remover

09941-74911 Steering bearing installer

09943-74111 Fork oil level gauge

09943-88211 Pinion bearing installer

NOTE: When ordering a special tool, please confirm whether it is available or not.

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