Spring scale Initial force 200 500 grams

• If the initial force reading is out of specification, adjust the steering tension as follows.

1) First, loosen the front fork upper pinch bolts and the steering stem head nut. Then, adjust the steering stem nut by either loosening or tightening it.

2) Tighten the steering stem head nut and front fork upper pinch bolts to the specified torque and recheck the initial force as described above.

3) Continue adjusting the steering stem nut until the initial force is within specification.


Hold the front fork legs, move them back and forth and make sure that the steering is not loose.


© Chain adjuster plate © Brake caliper bracket @ Brake disc © Collar © Dust seal © Bearing (R) ® Spacer © Bearing (L) ® Retainer ® Cushion ® Rear sprocket bolt ® Rear sprocket mounting ® Rear sprocket ® Bearing ® Dust seal © Spacer ® Rear axle © Rear wheel ® Air valve © Balancer

© Rear axle nut © Brake disc bolt © Rear sprocket nut


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